Weekly Wrap-Up, February 18th: Special Spider-Man Edition

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Written by David Molofsky
The Amazing Spider-Man Has a Fantastic Week
This week was a particularly eventful one for everyone’s favorite Web-Head. First, it was announced over the weekend that Spidey would be replacing the recently-deceased Human Torch as the new member of the FF (now standing for “Future Foundation”). The announcement included a sneak peek at the sleek costume design for the new super group (above). The highly anticipated first issue of the new series will be released on March 23rd.
As if one costume change wasn’t enough, Columbia Pictures released a new photo of Andrew Garfield in full costume on Tuesday. The new picture seems to confirm once and for all the the new movie (whose title, The Amazing Spider-Man, was also announced on Tuesday) will be having Peter Parker designing and using mechanical webshooters instead of returning to the organic ones used in the original movie franchise. Spider-Man creator Stan Lee spoke to the Washington Post about the decision:  “The one thing I liked about Peter’s web-shooters was the fact that they made him more vulnerable… At any crucial moment he could run out of web fluid and be forced to rely on his wits.”
Meanwhile, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark is continuing to get bashed in reviews and the jokes about the repeated on-set injuries continue to roll in, including this gem from SNL.
See what people have been saying about everything Spider-Man on Twitter:
Spider-Man & The Future Foundation:

@SimsCollection: Spider-Man replacing Human Torch on new ‘FF’ team – http://bit.ly/fyylZE #cnn
@hypercasey: @JohnJHill The Torch ain’t going to be dead for long, but looking forward to the iFantastic: Future Foundation #1

@JohnJHill: @hypercasey And I’ve LOVED the Future Foundation concept since it was introduced. So many great ways to take the story.

@juice005: SPIDER-MAN is Now Officially a Member of the FF http://bit.ly/huurFb
@impulsifier: So The Torch died and Spider-man replaced him, The Fantastic Four is renamed to the Future Foundation…

@Mike_1992[Comix Alliance FF#1] – An awesome start to what will hopefully be a new great series.

@ryanbulan: Spiderman is replacing Human Torch in the Fantastic Four. Its like Elvis replacing Lennon in the Beatles. Weird. shelf-life.ew.com/2011/02/10/spi…
@anarchcorp: Is it wrong that I want a Future Foundation t-shirt already?
The Amazing Spider-Man:


@Ncrypter: Yay! Web-shooters rather than the amazing spider-glands. “@denofgeek: New Spider-Man movie named, new picture released http://bit.ly/fVRvMp

@teamenndee: Having seen even more of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ (why call it that & sully the good name?!?!), I keep thinking of Ang Lee’s ‘Hulk’ @Marvel
@MovieMoxie: Two title announcements this week, firs Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and now The Amazing Spider-Man. Will we have a third?
@EddieRobson: It used to be that Brits played villains and Americans heroes. Now Superman and Spider-Man are played by Brits, whilst Streep plays Thatcher
@Big_Pants: I better have Andrew Garfield say “my spidey-sense is tingling” in The Amazing Spider-Man or else there’ll be trouble!
@NewsoftheSeries: Amazing Spider-Man: New Costume Analysis: Fonte http://bit.ly/ei8wx7
@RetroKalleN: I think its going to be cool to have a new director on Spider-Man! And this movie is going to be in 3D so thats cool to! =)
@ChrisThilk: From MMM: “The Amazing” tells me Sony is aiming to create an upbeat image for Spider-Man movie http://bit.ly/fO0e4y
@Adriandhy: “The Amazing Spider-Man” sounds exactly like what I’ve been expecting.
@comixstop: The new spiderman film is set to follow the original comics more closely… http://fb.me/Hwd3zg2z
@findfunnyvideos: The Amazing Spider-man not a complete reboot?: Probably the biggest complaint surrounding Marc Webb’s The Amazin…http://bit.ly/iiBtlk
Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark:


@Bookgirl96: Brilliant video. Critics Have Their Say About ‘Spider-Man’ Musical – http://t.co/hfFTpaB via @prnewser

@PRNewser: In case you haven’t read the reviews of the Spider-Man musical, there’s a YouTube video. http://bit.ly/fpegnQ

@rikkisawhney: [bnet] Spider-Man Musical: A Cautionary Tale for Investors (and Managers): Study the $65 million debacle of Spid… http://bit.ly/hKmAvf
@StephenAtHome: They say the Spider Man musical is bringing in a script doctor. Wow. Even the script needs medical attention.
@Boivin: Last night I dreamt that I saw ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’ again and walked out.

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