Deadpool and Secret Wars: My Casting Choices

I recently contributed to What Culture’s 100 Comics That Should Be Movies. I didn’t have enough room to talk about my casting choices for the two comics I chose, Deadpool and Marvel Secret Wars. But fear not! More on the casting choices can be found below.


First, head over to What Culture and check out #75 on the list.

Like I said on What Culture, my main three picks to co-star with Ryan Reynolds in the eventual Deadpool movie are Elizabeth Winstead as Siryn, Helen Mirren as Blind Al, and Richard Ruccolo as Weasel.

Siryn – Mary Elisabeth Winstead
Theresa Maeve Rourke is the daughter of Banshee, with similar sonic powers earning her a spot on X-Force. Deadpool develops a pretty strong crush on Siryn early in his career and she is one of the few women in the Marvel Universe that puts up with him.
I think Winstead would do well as Siryn. She can definitely can pull off the redhead look and hopefully can do a good Irish accent. Either way, I have faith that she can hold her own against Reynolds’ banter.
Blind Al – Helen Mirren
First showing up in Deadpool’s third solo series, Blind Al is, at least nominally, Deadpool’s prisoner, although she acts more like a housekeeper and mother figure. The two live together and have something of a love/hate relationship that seems to mainly consist of pulling pranks on each other.
While I doubt that Helen Mirren would actually take the role, part of me still hopes she does. Blind Al has to be played by someone the audience will believe is able to stand up to Deadpool, and not many actresses, older or otherwise, really have that much onscreen clout. But no one would doubt Dame Mirren’s ability to scold old ‘Pool.
Weasel – Richard Ruccolo
Weasel is Deadpool’s main weapon’s supplier, generally providing whatever backup or supplies he needs. Weasel generally acts as the voice of reason to Deadpool, pointing him towards the right targets if he can. Like Blind Al, Deadpool enjoys picking on Weasel, but the pair are incredibly loyal to one another.
While I originally considered him as a joke (Ruccolo starred alongside Reynolds in Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place), Ruccolo could actually be a decent choice for the role. He looks nerdy enough and no one has more experience playing second fiddle to Reynolds. Who knows, bringing the two back together might be the key to making Deadpool the hilarious movie it needs to be.

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