Max "Steels" The Limelight

Anyone else feel the earth shudder earlier today? The tides change? Don’t know why the birds are suddenly flying in spirals? Well, let me put your mind at ease. Mattel have announced a whole global entertainment franchise based on the adventures of Max Steel. Not ones to be caught out by the age of the internet (take that, film industry), Mattel have sought to incorporate a, “dynamic web destination, featuring rich content, and including interactive game play” all in an attempt to keep up with, “today’s multimedia kids.”

According to Mattel’s press release, the Max Steel Action Figure is already the most successful boys brand in the whole of Latin America. So it was only logical to create an empire based on the trials and tribulations of a teenage Max who is both blessed and cursed with ‘Turbo Energy’ – and his trusty sidekick Steel imbued with what they’ve ominously called, ‘Alien Intellect’.
This bountiful bundle will also include a CGI animated series co-produced by Freemantle Media Enterprises, famed for being the proprietary distributor of successful cartoons such as Monsuno, Wizards vs. Aliens, and Tree Fu Tom. The series, formed of 26 episodes will be launched in the U.S. on the Disney XD channel, on March 26th – to then be rolled out in a 100 territories thereafter.
Fans of the show will also be given the opportunity to catch up on missed episodes at MaxSteel.com, which is something I wish I had when I was a kid – though I’m not bitter or anything – as well as a Max Steel game on their iOS or Android devices.

Check out the trailer for the Max Steel animated series below!

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