Bryan’s X-Tweets: A Room Without a View

Ever since Peter Jackson published his King Kong video production diaries back in 2004, the internet has become an interesting tool for filmmakers to build up awareness for their films in a new way, taking the marketing effectively into their own hands and delivering content directly to the viewer, offering a peek behind the curtain.

Bryan Singer was one of the first filmmakers to follow in Jackson’s footsteps with his Superman Returns production diaries, but those “vlogs” never felt quite as polished to me as Jackson’s and invariably trailed off, never reaching a fully defined series “arc” like the Kong episodes.

It seems that now, in the wake of various vlog series, the new trend is using social media to build a platform for short snappy content. While effective in building up interest, this method still gives little away and serves to further tease the audience.

Mr Singer has been taking to twitter lately to post behind-the-scenes shots from the pre-production of X-Men: Days of Future Past, and has done a neat job of teasing bits and pieces – a script meeting here, a couple of chairs there – whilst keeping mum on the details and making us, the audience, feel more like a fly on the wall than ever before.

His most recent tweet covered one of the most hallowed corridors of the X-Men’s headquarters, leading to what could be Cerebro, and Singer was canny enough to kick-start anticipation for what he may reveal at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con by including a reference to the said event, in a tweet linking to the picture:

How many days until @Comic_Con? #XMen #DaysofFuturePast #SDCC

I like the way he is doing this and hope that as the production goes on, we will get even more intriguing tidbits from the production, and hopefully even more as he and the team roll into post-production and finally, release.

What do you hope Singer will reveal in future tweets?

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