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Earlier today, the official Twitter account for The Wolverine released a brand new picture featuring Hugh Jackman in all his hirsute glory. The account has been releasing occasional photos and posters for the last couple of months, and hopefully we can expect more to come.

The movie, details of which are currently still shrouded in secrecy, is scheduled for release on July 26, and will explore Wolverine’s Japanese storyline. Co-stars include Hiroyuki Sanada as crime boss Shingen Yashida and Tao Okamoto as his daughter, famed Wolverine love interest, Mariko. The film will also feature Silver Samurai, played by Will Yun Lee, a mutant who has the ability to charge almost anything with a strange energy known as a ‘tachyon field’.

So, what does the latest photo tell us about the movie? Well, to be honest, not a lot. Wolverine, looking somewhat disgruntled, stands in front of what could possibly be a Japanese bar. Rather vague.

More intriguing is the caption accompanying the photo: “The past is always behind you but the memories still remain.”

As a man who has spent a lot of time struggling with the fact that the memories don’t remain, this is an interesting statement. We all know that Wolverine has a long and often tragic past; what we don’t quite know yet is which part of it will be revealed to us in July.

All that can be done now is to await trailer number one, rumoured to be released in March, in the hopes that it will shed a little more light on the latest tale of the haunted hero.

What do you think of the latest image from The Wolverine?

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