Young Justice: Invasion “The Hunt” Review

With Cartoon Network’s wonderful Young Justice unfortunately winding down, we here at AP2HYC wanted to get in a few reviews of the remaining episodes and bring as much fan support as possible to the show. Keep an eye out for our reviews every Sunday after the episodes air.


“The Hunt” comes at a bit of a weird point in the season. Invasion has had a lot of moving parts and while some have not worked out as I have hoped (looking at you, G. Gordon Godfrey), they have still tended to have some type of pay off. When the Runaways, introduced formally a few weeks back in the episode aptly titled “Runaways,” were dropped in our laps, I was cautiously optimistic. First, they all seemed rather cookie cutter for characters, and half the team, Tye and Eduardo specifically, felt like the same jaded angry kid. Now, the kids are under Lex’s wing, so with all his ulterior motives (and let’s be honest, he has about five at any given moment), so I gave them a pass. After watching this week’s episode, I am amazed that this team blended in so perfectly with the universe Greg Weisman and his crew created. Whether it is watching Longshadow (Tye) punt some Reach soldiers across the Warworld, or Static (Virgil) be a cunning leader, each scene they are in becomes fantastic. The teamwork in their action scenes is very well coordinated and really built upon what these characters could do with their new abilities. Of course while the Runaways are sent to rescue Superboy with their handy new Father Box, Lex sends Deathstroke to retrieve Warworld’s crystal key.

With all the focus on The Runaways, it was easy to push other characters to the side, but the show still managed to make the one man army, Arsenal, a great watch. I will be the first to admit when “real Roy” was found, his character was really abrasive and acted in ways that compromised the team’s safety on a constant basis. However, in this episode, Arsenal proved he had the skills required to lead a team on a successful mission. Once he saw what was going on he made his moves and commanded the troops enough to succeed. The ending, with Nightwing kicking Arsenal off the team bugged me. The way you learn to be a team player is to actually be on a team, but I guess it’s two strikes and you’re out for Roy.

With so many good things going for this episode, there was obviously going to be some sort of letdown, and that came in the form of Nightwing’s and Miss Martian’s “guilt off.” I understand that they have both made massive errors in judgment over the course of the season, but this really does not seem like the time to get all mopey.

Another disappointment is how Black Beetle is losing that big bad guy feel. Black Beetle has largely been a menacing badass up till now, but sadly he really is losing that imposing feeling he had back in “Before the Dawn.” Granted, Mongul had to be let out for the heroes to “win,” still The Runaways and Arsenal gave him a run for his money. It’s also become tiring to see the team go up against Black Beetle every other episode. Let’s get some other villains in the mix please.

Let’s not forget that while all this is going on, G. Gordon Godfrey takes the Reach Ambassador to task for his secret fleet. I never thought I would say this, but thank god for G. Gordon Godfrey. Maybe now the people will turn against the Reach and tell them to get off Earth. So in the span of a week the Reach have now lost Warworld, their captives, and their anonymity. Bad week for the bad guys.

At the end of the episode, the Runaways take Arsenal to their base, where he tells them all about Lex and how, yeah, he is a bad guy. The Runaways go freelance after destroying the Father Box and Lex’s laptop.

Overall, it was a really good episode with the Runaways and Arsenal proving to be a worthwhile addition to Young Justice’s ever expanding world. I now actually want to see a Runaways spinoff show.

Extra Thoughts

– Thank god Sphere survived. I actually got depressed when she got ejected out of the airlock in “War.”
– Nice to see Father Box make a return. If this series ever got a third season, we know Darkseid is clearly in the cards.
– “Deathstroke is more a bishop than a pawn.” Oh Lex, always with the one-liners.

Final Grade: B+

+ Arsenal: the one man army
+ The Runaways developed actual character
+ Action was great
+ The Reach Ambassador getting owned by Godfrey

– Really did not need the Nightwing/ Miss Martian “Guilt Off”
– The stolen key to Warworld really should not be on Warworld
– Black Beetle is losing his menace

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