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5 Superheroes Who Deserve a Big Screen Debut

Superhero movies and the genre itself are big right now, but it seems like the same four or five characters keep getting movies while the rest go relatively unused. Now, it’s easy to go with proven performers, however, when you give the people something new, it lets them see just how diverse a platform comic books are. We can’t continue to just watch Batman and Joker face off constantly as audiences will eventually grow bored, or worse, disinterested in these characters.

I say it’s time to shake things up and introduce some fresh blood to cinema audiences. We can’t restrict ourselves to simply mainstream DC and Marvel comics, as other companies like Image and Vertigo can offer us truly immersive worlds with a twist. Whether it’s household names, or the fringe characters who have really diverse worlds for our heroes to play around in, they deserve the chance at a big screen debut.

5. Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman is the only member of DC’s trinity who has yet to appear on the big screen, and it is baffling that no one has been able to figure out how to transfer her from the page to the screen. A powerful female character who is thrust into a world she is not familiar with, she must defend her new home and discover what it means to be a member of the world at large. You’d get plenty of butts in seats with the idea of having a strong female character on screen alone, combined with the fact she speaks her mind constantly, and these qualities make her the ideal attraction to a large audience. This character also introduces us to the mystical and magical side of the DC universe, so those elements would not be foreign to the audience if the Justice League movie ever decided to go into production.


4. Peter Panzerfaust



At only nine issues in, it is a new twist on an old story but a fantastic read nonetheless, especially for those who want young heroes. Simply put, it’s Peter Pan and the Lost Boys fighting Nazis, and I personally don’t know who this plot does not sound cool to. It would be a mix of Red Dawn (the original not the recent remake please) and Inglorious Basterds. Watching Peter, Wendy, and the boys try to outsmart and outlast Kapitan Haken would be at least an hour and a half of thrilling cinema. If the film really wanted to dive deep, it could explore the psychological ramifications of children on the battlefield. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.


3. Morbius: The Living Vampire



Who wants to see an actually compelling vampire tale? Please raise your hands. Good! Now that I have all of you on board, how about we have a real anti-hero cursed by his own genetic mistake hungering for blood and a cure to for his condition. Which will win: animal instinct or the desire to be human once again? Sorry for waxing poetically, but in my humble opinion, watching Morbius in the ‘90s Spider-Man cartoon was amazing as his episodes brought some real tension to Peter’s own condition and how he came to terms with his powers. Now I don’t think this film would be like a Blade movie, but more along the lines of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This one would be interesting to watch at the least.


2. Red Hood

url-2Let’s admit Under The Red Hood was a great first step to fleshing out what is currently Batman’s greatest failure ever, but we want to see these characters in cinema, not direct-to-DVD. Watching Jason run around the city confronting bad guys and playing mind games with Bruce and Dick would be a thrill to watch. Plus, Jason could finally do something that even the recent trilogy did not—make Bruce question his methods. DC already has the casting in the bag with Jensen Ackles, as he really captured the conflicted nature as well as how much of a badass the hood truly is. Now I know I said I did not want Batman and the Joker facing off again and I stand by that. Have Jason be the bad guy, the prime antagonist, with Ra’s Al Ghul as the secondary if we want to see Bruce and the two former Robins team up against a common foe.


1. The Flash


I understand why The Flash is hard to do based on his power; speed is hard to display in interesting ways outside of comics. This, coupled with the fact that Barry does not have a plethora of well-known, charismatic, megalomaniac-type villains in his rogue gallery makes it a hard sell to any audience. With the right director and right script, the film could be one of the top in the genre. The ideal format for this film would be sort of a Crime Noir, showing Barry in the lab and building up the formation of right and wrong. What would make this really interesting is that we would be seeing the effects of the speed from our heroes’ point of view. For all the things the Superman films do right, they never give us that true feeling of speed.


What characters do you want to see on film?

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