Holy Switcheroo!

It seems The Vatican has been busy recently.

As well as electing a new Pope, Francis I – the first Holy See to come from Latin America/be a Jesuit/to take a non-sequel for a name since 1978 -, who has just conducted his inaugural Palm Sunday, the font of spiritual authority for Catholicism has apparently taken the time to develop an interest in the Caped Crusader.

Last Thursday, the website for The Vatican’s communications office ran a story about Batman, which also appeared on the Church’s official Twitter feed. However, rather than some unknown hacker-comic fan playing a cryptic joke (Der Fledermaussmann Code?), Vatican officials have reported that an “internal system failure” was responsible for the non-sequitur of a post – communion, transubstantiation, Pope Francis I… Batman!

To quote The Epoch Times, Greg Burke, a Vatican communications adviser,

‘said that their Twitter feed is automatically updated on their Twitter handle as they take stories from Catholic News Service website. It was an internal system failure due to a non-native English speaker posting the story on the website.’

That might explain how a completely non-ecumenical story titled ‘Holy Switcheroo! Batman has grown bitter, more vengeful with the years’ might have slipped past the censor, though what that particular article was doing on the Catholic News Service website in the first place is also open to debate.

Mr. Burke went on to admit that ‘some people might have been thrown off by the headline’, but still, as The Bible says, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith The Lord” – maybe Batman’s just following his example.

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