Ian McKellan To Marry Patrick Stewart… Sort Of

Well, it looks like Professor X and the Mutant Brotherhood have finally patched things up.

During an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, our favorite mutant supremacist (and multi-hued wizard), Sir Ian McKellen, announced that he would be officiating at the wedding of his X-Men frienemsis (and former Starship Captain) Sir Patrick Stewart.

Sir Ian will be making use of the “one day marriage designation” offered in Massachusetts, where the wedding will take place, in order to wed Sir Patrick to Sunny Ozell, a thirty-six year old jazz singer with whom he’s been a relationship since 2009.

Sirs Ian and Patrick first performed together in a 1977 stage production of Tom Stoppard‘s Every Good Boy Deserves Favor and are next due to appear in Bryan Singer‘s upcoming X-Men prequel sequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past, due out July 18th next year. It’s also beyond awesome that they happen to be best friends in real life.

It remains to be seen whether their younger counterparts, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy will be following suit. We can but dream…

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