James Mangold Tweets The Wolverine “Tweazer”

The use of online social media as a marketing tool is one that seems to be gaining traction, especially concerning the latest big budget comic book adaps. The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb frequently “tweases” his 30,000+ Twitter followers with cryptic details and obscure photos of the upcoming sequel and today James Mangold has gone a step further in releasing a six-second “tweazer” for The Wolverine, the sixth installment in the X-Men series and the first one set after the events of X-Men: Last Stand.

Mangold has promised that a 20-second teaser will be released tomorrow while the first official teaser trailer is due out the coming Wednesday. The Wolverine is due out in the US on July 26th. We at AP2HYC will be doing a full breakdown when we have something a little more substantial to dissect, but until then enjoy this:

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