Latest Iron Man 3 Poster Reveals Iron Army?

Tony Stark is coming and he’s bringing friends.

Yahoo! Movies have premiered the newest (and possibly last) poster for the upcoming Iron Man 3, and boy, is it a doozy.


The poster shows our eponymous hero (Robert Downey Jr.) crouched on the shoreline, his suit battered, the man within exhausted but defiant, as his Malibu home and base of operations collapses into the sea. But the most interesting thing about the poster is what’s behind him: half a dozen Iron Man suits, each one subtly different, soaring into the sky. Whether or not this scene actually takes place in the movie or if it’s just a cool thing to look at, it seems to play into a lot of the rumors surrounding the film.

We already know that the Casa de Stark comes under attack – it’s destruction was featured in the recent trailer. Intriguingly, in the same trailer, Tony and Pepper’s privacy in bed together is violated by a seemingly unmanned suit, which suggests that Tony may well be building himself a remote control army. Given that he and Rhodey faced off against a bunch of similar creations, whose control had been hijacked by Ivan Vanko, at the climax of Iron Man 2, this may be something Stark comes to regret.

In a recent interview with Empire Magazine – also referenced in the Yahoo! post – director Shane Black himself said, that “After The Avengers, [Tony’s] relying on these suits to feel like he’s in any way capable” Could this play into the Extremis storyline, long rumored to be part of the film, in which Tony is injected with a synthetic virus that sees him essentially become one with the suit? The film’s official synopsis promises that in Iron Man 3, Tony will discover “the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?” Blurring the boundary between Tony and the suit only to wrench it away from him would seem an interesting way to do it.

In The Avengers, Tony bragged that, without the suit, he’s still a “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist”, but is that enough? It was Iron Man who ultimately proved willing to sacrifice himself in order to defeat Loki’s alien mercenaries, but Tony alone couldn’t have done it: Captain America may have, as Tony pointed out, come out of a bottle, but Cap, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye – all of their abilities belong to them. If, as Shane Black, says “Instead of taking away his playboy lifestyle and his comfort zone of cushions and creature comforts, we take away his tech and suit comforts“, what then remains of the hero Tony has become? What happens when you take away the “super”?

With Guy Pierce‘s Killich and Sir Ben Kingsley‘s Mandarin waging war against him, and with his best friend, Don Cheadle‘s James Rhodes, becoming the government-mandated Iron Patriot, it seems Tony is going to be forced to come face to face with his worst enemy: himself. As indicated by that trudge through the snow featured in the trailer, pulling a wrecked suit behind him, Iron Man 3 is gonna put Tony through the ringer physically and emotionally. With Tony being arguably the most arrogant hero the MCU has to offer, having him confront his own inadequacy seems like the basis for good drama.

The film is due out in the UK on April 26th and in the US the following week.

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