New Cast Photo for Man of Steel

Germany’s Cinema magazine has just published a cast photo for Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel. Though none of the cast are in costume, nor presumably in character (unless Lawrence Fishburne‘s Perry White spends his days leaning cross armed on a railing instead of sat behind a desk), but still pretty, pretty cool.

Random thought: Michael Shannon, who’s playing Zod, seems like a giant compared to the rest of the cast, including Cavill‘s Superman. Now, Cavill is sort of half leaning against what seems to be a set of airplane steps, but even so, the 6’3″ Shannon has some height advantage over the 6’1″ Cavill.

We at AP2HYC will be interested to see how/if that height differential plays out on-screen when Man of Steel arrives in cinemas on June 14th. Stayed tuned for more.

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