Super Clyde Adds Stephen Fry

The news is out that British institution Stephen Fry has signed up for CBS’ new superhero series, Super Clyde. Super Clyde, which will feature Harry Potter alum Rupert Grint in the lead role, is about a neurotic comic book fan who inherits a $10,000 per month legacy from a long-dead uncle and decides to use the money as a super power. Fry, it seems, will be playing Alfred to Grint’s perhaps somewhat-less-menacing Batman.

Stephen Fry has previous experience playing a butler, perhaps the definitive butler, in Jeeves and Wooster, and is one of the few reputable British actors of a certain age we can think of not to appear in the Harry Potter series (though he did narrate the UK audio books). In any case, things seem to be coming together on Super Clyde, with Tucker & Dale vs. Evil star Tyler Labine having previously been cast as Clyde’s (presumably) bullying and/or oafish older brother.

The pilot should be due out sometime later this year. More on this when we have it.

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