The Arkham Mailroom – Week 2

Transcript of photos of words scrawled on the reinforced glass cell front of inmate BK. Sent to Dr. P. Young for analysis and introduction to inmate’s record


Mr. Burlow, I demand you release me from this cell forthwith! This prolonged captivity is intolerable. I have told you innumerable times that I am not who you believe me to be. The amorphous inmate whose cell this is escaped weeks ago, leaving me in his place. I can only imagine what havoc he is wreaking out there in my city, especially if the voting public believes him to be my good self. If you would allow me to prove that what I say is true, I’m sure a simple medical examine would suffice. I am an elected public official and I will not be detained in this manner! Not only your continued employment but your liberty is at stake if you continue to disregard these missives. Signed: Hamilton Hill, Mayor of Gotham.

[Dr. Young’s notes: BK continues to insist that he is, in fact, Mayor of Gotham City. This particular impersonation has been in progress for almost six weeks. It’s impossible to what extent BK himself believes it to be true. It would almost be believable were it not that HH is currently on “sabbatical” on his yacht off the coast of Hawaii. He’s certainly got the pompous ass’ voice down. In any case, members of Arkham staff have been ordered to continue to keep their distance. If any one of them should stray too close, things could get complicated].


Eddie, please. [Redacted] has stolen my identity! He’s out there right now, pretending to be me. For the love of God, give me some way to prove to you I am who I say I am. I of all people understand the need for caution surrounding Karlo – his capacity for deception is limitless – but if he’s replaced me undetected, there’s no way of knowing what he could do. I’m just asking for you to hear me out. You don’t have to enter the cell, just approach the glass. I know that Dr. Young has ordered you to keep your distance, but I also know you realize that something is wrong. You were a good cop, Eddie. Be a good cop now and help me. Signed: Jim Gordon.

[Dr. Young’s notes: BK has upped his plausibility, albeit most likely by accident. The Police Commissioner visited the facility several days ago, though he did not pay visit to BK – perhaps a lucky guess? Even an experienced correctional officer like Edward Burlow could easily be convinced – it would only take a moment. From now on any communication from BK is to be left unread by the guards and any photos passed to me unseen on pain of dismissal. I have gone to great efforts to contain him, even if it does restrict my ability to treat him. Some patients, however, are hopeless cases.]


Plese, anyone. This is Dr. Sofia Young. Basil Karlo has trapped me in his cell and taken my place. How could I have been so stupid?! Please, I need someone to-

[Dr. Young’s notes: This is simply preposterous. How could anyone believe I would be so foolish as to allow BK to replace me? The security measures are in place specifically because I have seen fit to– This is infuriating. I now believe that BK takes pleasure in tormenting me. The damn message opens with a typo as though I were an imbecile! I wish I could prevent BK from scrawling these, but he has access to a unstemmable supply of writing material. I am furious.]


Dear Dr. Young, I felt it was time that I addressed you “in person”. It’s been so long that I had almost forgot myself. What I haven’t forgotten is what you did for the disgraced Dr. Strange during his tenure at Arkham. I may be out of the loop, but the television informs me that they are currently renovating a particular area of the Narrows. It would be a shame if they were to uncover my box of secrets. Come and speak with me, I will not ask again. You’re welcome to bring as many lackeys as you want, though this is a conversation you may want to keep private. Signed, Boris.

[Dr. Young’s notes: I will visit with BK – it may well be a bluff, but he leaves me no choice. I cannot risk my involvement in Strange’s experiments becoming known. Damn you, Hugo! Should I emerge unscathed, I will delete the security footage of our conversation and burn these. Even unguarded, with the amount of security surrounding Karlo’s cell, he cannot conceivably do me harm.]


Please, help me someone. It’s been so long… I don’t know how much longer I– [Redacted] had set a trap. The cell… he had someone loosen the fitting on the window. By the time you entered, he had already switched places with me. The blood test you would have performed as a precautionary measure to confirm my identity must have been rigged. I don’t know what Karlo is planning, but if he’s still pretending to be me, it must be something on an enormous scale. To prove that I am who I say I am, the code word is “Jeremiah”. Please, I don’t know how much longer I can–

[Dr. Young’s notes: The plan went off without a hitch. “Without a hitch”… Does that feel like something I would write? Hmm…. Not feeling quite myself yet. BK is obviously back to his old tricks. Due to his acting up, I’ve decided that “Clayface” will not be invited to join me and the assembled patients on our impromptu day-trip to Gotham Park. Shame, it promises to be a wonderful occasion. As for my having been replaced, as I’ve written before, the notion is preposterous, simply preposterous. We’ll pay it no more mind.]






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