Top 10 Mutants We Are Looking Forward To in X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past starts production in just over a month, and actors are getting added on to reprise their roles left and right. While plot details remain scarce we know that Fox’s new movie is based on the classic comic-book storyline in which the X-Men must travel through time to stop a disastrous possible future from occurring.

With the story covering two different eras and the film franchise having been around for over a decade now, there are plenty of characters to choose from and that we hope to see. These are the ten we’re looking forward to the most:

10. Rogue


The last time we saw Rogue in X-Men:  The Last Stand, she was adjusting to life as a human due to taking the mutant cure.  What’s exciting about this character being back is she now has to re-adjust to being a mutant, and with Iceman returning, you know there will be some conflict for the love birds.  Also, unlike The Last Stand, there will be a chance for stronger character development and she may just finally accept her mutant powers and not try to run away from them.


9. Nightcrawler


Alan Cumming’s performance as Kurt Wagner was superb, but what really sealed the character’s place on this list are those opening seven minutes from X2: X-Men United, which still tops my list constantly for great action set pieces. Being that his father, Azazel, and mother, Mystique, both appeared in First Class, and really showcased that bizarre family dynamic, it could be interesting to watch his parents’ relationship develop and the fallout that occurs from the birth of their son and daughter. Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) can gain a pride in her future children and give her that feeling of community and belonging that she strived for in most of First Class. We also know Rogue will be reprising her role, so let’s make this a full family affair and have the brother and sister fight some Sentinels. Best family bonding I can think of.


8. Beast


Nicholas Hoult made for an excellent Dr. Jekyll type Beast in First Class. This is the chance to really show the character that his future is not all bad, you know, except for the giant killer robots. The inclusions of both Beasts allows for the younger and less informed to see the great future in front of him. If Singer somehow manages to bridge the gap and allows for both Hoult and Kelsey Grammer (Beast in X-Men: The Last Stand) to share scenes it would be amazing. This gives Beast a true look at the progress he has made over the decades, and build upon the pride in his powers he developed over the first film. Show Hank how far he has been able to come since his first mission and let him see the “curse” is not all that bad for the Secretary of Mutant Affairs.


7. Cyclops


Cyclops’ appearance hasn’t been confirmed yet, but director Bryan Singer has tapped James Marsden for his projects before so we’re still holding out hope. And if he’s included, DOFP could offer Cyclops a nice chance at redemption. The nominal leader of the X-Men got sidelined by Wolverine in the first trilogy before being abruptly and unceremoniously killed off. Resurrecting him would allow us to see Scott and Alex (Havok) played by Lucas Till in X-Men: First Class enjoying some much needed brother bonding. It also gives us the chance to have some great development between the wild child Havok and the more studious Cyclops. Best of all, putting Cyclops in DOFP‘s bad future would give Cyclops a chance to showcase his skill as a tactician, and prove to audiences why he was in charge in the first place.


6. Mystique


Of all of the changes First Class made to the continuity of the first three X-Men films, its take on Mystique was the most drastic, and most intriguing. Giving Raven Darkholme a history with Xavier added a nice wrinkle to their relationship, and makes her defection to Magneto’s side a personal reminder of Xavier’s failures. With Mystique now a leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, it will be interesting to see what direction the character takes in the future. Or the past. I’m good either way.


5. Wolverine


Wolverine is back and ready to fight.  The last time the character was on-screen was during the quick, but funny cameo in X-Men:  First Class.  This time though, I expect we will see Wolverine in all his glory, hacking and slashing baddies the way he was meant to.  Nothing is more exciting than the prospect of seeing him take down a few Sentinels.  His character arch in the trilogy may have led to him being leader material, but will the new mutants accept him?


4. Professor X

prof x

What’s exciting about Professor X this time about is that, due to the story being about time-travel, James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart will both play this character and meet, as Singer himself has hinted. I don’t exactly expect witty banter coming from these two, but I know it will be up them to bring the teams together for the greater good of the world, which in and of itself is exciting.


3. Magneto


This character has been the villain of the X-Men saga from the get-go.  This time out Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellen will both play the role.  Two powerhouse actors (and known scene stealers) playing the iconic character is more than enough for fans to get excited.  I expect there will be tons of snark coming from these two, possibly more out of McKellen than Fassbender.  I can definitely see, at first, there being a power struggle for control.


2. Kitty Pryde


Kitty Pryde is a perennial fan-favorite, cameoing in the first two X-Men films before becoming a main character in the third. Due to other stories needing to be closed, she ultimately became nothing more than a supporting character.  She really was not given much to do in the original trilogy except make Juggernaut run into a wall. But as Days of Future Past is a big Kitty story in the comics,Ellen Page may just have the meatiest role in the movie, acting as a bridge for the present and future X-Men (if they do actually follow the comic book storyline). This is a chance to flesh out the character and show just how cool she really is by using Page’s skills as an actress. The character could bring some real humor or lightness to the despondent world of DOFP. Plus, I am really rooting for Colossus to show up as they are a great couple in the comics and still hold one of my favorite comic scenes of all time

1. Nimrod


This film needs a big bad that can do some serious damage to the team and bring some truly emotionless menace. If we are talking villains and specifically the Sentinels, there are few scarier things then a time traveling, shape shifting, psychopathic robot with a slight God complex in my opinion. Having been originally introduced in the Days of Future Past storyline, Nimrod managed to kill many of the major members of the X-Men so his name illicits a good amount of panic in the comic book community.

What mutants are you excited to see in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

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