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Our new weekly column looks at the recent trend of superhero film production through Twitter.  

Welcome back to our weekly column looking at the best and brightest that the comic tweet-sphere has to offer.  Bryan Singer has been a been a particular superhero with his own Twitter feed, providing nice behind-the-scenes shots, including this most recent one, which perhaps offers a look at Cerebro, and builds on his overall Twitter account, which has provided lots of information and commentary on his upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Recent highlights include a lunch date with a certain Professor, as well as the exciting announcement regarding the casting of actor Omar Sy to the film, and of course, the return of Halle Berry as Storm, which Singer commented on, rather than announced, as that had already been reported on by SuperHeroHype here and here.  These two fill out an already impressive cast, and taking into account where Singer is heading with this film, I’m curious about who Sy could be,  given his recent rise to stardom with The Intouchables, so any speculation on his role in the film would be welcome.

Speculation however is not needed on this particular image from Singer’s Twitter feed, which I’ll let speak for itself:


Other Twitter superheroes continuing to blaze a path are director’s James Mangold and Marc Webb, of The Wolverine and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Webb has been tweeting various BTS pics of the film each day of the shoot, and as mentioned in last week’s post, I think these serve as fascinating and puzzling insights into the production and a fun and unique way of building up anticipation for the film. A lot of them seem to be the crew goofing off, but there are interesting images like this, which could hint at a certain horned villain in the film, as speculated by Superherohype.

This garage shot is also intriguing, though it remains to be seen where this will fit into the film, so feel free to speculate in the comments section.

James Gunn is also another director we’re following with this column, and although his twitter feed has been relatively short on Guardians of the Galaxy information, he has posted some fun BTS snippets, including this one, which I’m sure will get more revealing as time goes on.

Last but not least, is one James Mangold, director of a certain upcoming film involving a guy who pops steel (adamantium) claws from his hands. Mangold has, like Singer and Webb, been consistent in posting interesting BTS shots, and his most recent series of shots offer an intriguing insight into the upcoming film.

In short, Mangold posted a series of 11 pics from films that have influenced the film, as a way of diving into the film without revealing anything, I think it’s a very nice appetizer.

Films like Chung King Express, The Outlaw Josey Whales,  Samurai TrilogyFloating WeedsBlack NarcissusHappy Together13 Assassins, and The French Connection are all references, including ShaneChinatown, and Daimajin, and these films all have at least one in thing in common: they are visually spectacular, and it seems that Mangold is drawing upon a number of influences from all of these for The Wolverine, focusing on the theme of outsider (Josey Whales, Shane) as well as Samurai and Japanese culture/romance.  French Connection still would also indicate, to me at least, a sense of grittiness present in the film and an anchor with reality, and given this melting pot of influences, I’m very very curious indeed to see the final product…although a trailer would be nice too (hint, hint).

Overall it’s been another interesting period in the superhero comicsphere, and I look forward to seeing what else these filmmakers have in store for us, as production on these films rolls on into the future.


Stick with us each week as we cover these filmmakers and what tweets they bring…

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