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Our new weekly column looks at the recent trend of superhero film production through Twitter.

Another week, another edition of our column looking at the best and brightest the comic tweet-sphere has to offer.  Of all the directors that have been covered in this column, Bryan Singer, James Mangold and Marc Webb continue to blaze a trailer through the tweetsphere, tweeting out intriguing tidbits that continue to tease their films in entertaining ways.

I for one am enjoying Bryan Singer’s Twitter feed quite a bit, and his glimpses into X-Men: Days of Future Past, which is now rapidly heading towards it’s April production start date, have been tantalizing to say the least.

This picture gives a nice feeling of what it must be like to be in Singer’s shoes right now, and is very much an indication of how many people are involved in these type of endeavors  which require copious amounts of planning often months in advance.  I imagine these type of situations will grow in both space and people involved as Singer moves into the process of production and dealing with both the crew and actors.  Certainly something to consider when thinking about film directing as a career.

The picture itself is captioned “Planning Future Battles” and given the production mock-up is of an interior room, my bet is on this being in the hallways near Cerebro perhaps, or in the X-Mansion, a nod to Singer’s last X-Men film, X2: X-Men United.  Can’t wait to see what this sequence (or sequences) will turn out like.

Singer knows how to joke around as well of course, as evidenced by the pic I featured in the last article, and this pic is a nice indication of that, hopefully not an indication of the pressure Singer is feeling however .

Which this pic might be a jokey reference to:


Many miles away, in New York State, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director, Marc Webb, has been continuing his daily stream of BTS tweet pics, which much like Singer’s are infused with humor which keeps them interesting I feel, like this one, and of course there are interesting ones like this which offer nice glimpses into elements of the film, in this case character.

We now come to the final person in our featured super trio, James Mangold, and he recently tweeted these three beautiful character portraits, that again leave nothing out there to spoil the film with, but offer a nice glimpse at our characters in a very stylish way, and I look forward to when we finally…you guessed it, get the trailer (which I now secretly hope it in B&W.)

Hugh Jackman especially, looks suitably moody and grizzly:


An honourable or two mention go to directors James Gunn and Robert Rodriguez. Gunn, when he isn’t trying to get his assistant laid (interesting on a tweeter feed from an upcoming Marvel film director), has posted the occasional interesting tweet, such as this one, which is the first time I’ve seen video used, and although humourously short, could be an indication possible of future video…? we’ll see.  Here’s hoping anyway.  His Guardians of the Galaxy should be one to look out for when it hits cinemas in the summer of next year.

Rodriguez hasn’t been active on Twitter much since he tweeted these Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For shots from before, but he’s a cool dude and is apparently now starting an initiate with BlackBerry which could be very interesting.  More details here.

Well that about rounds up this rather quiet week in Twitter.  If you have any thoughts on this content or have any other cool Twitter related info you’d like to share, feel free to submit it in the comments, and look forward to hearing from you!

Stick with us each week as we cover these filmmakers and what tweets they bring…

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