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Our new column will be looking at the recent trend of  superhero film  promotion through twitter.

Social media services, such as Twitter, have only emerged in recent years and film directors have taken to using this platform to give people an inside look at the making of films, from a very personal perspective, and direct from the source.

It used to be that video blogs or “vlogs” were the main source of said peeks behind the curtain, as pioneered by Peter Jackson back in 2004, but now filmmakers are using the immediacy and intimacy of services like twitter, to communicate content in as short, snappy bites, that allow for further interaction without giving too much away.

One of the most prolific users of Twitter has been Bryan Singer, the director of the upcoming X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and although his interaction with fans has been limited, compared to say a filmmaker like Kevin Smith, he’s been updating little tweet bites of information, that serve to make headlines and give more for fans to speculate.

I covered a recent tweet he made, and if you look through his timeline, they are a bunch of them, from a script meeting to inside private jets, to the Washington Monument, that all give the impression of being a fly on the one, and hopefully this will continue right through to release.

Another Twitter user has been director James Mangold, who has tweeted photos like Singer, that have covered the production of the upcoming Wolverine, in stylish bites.  A tweet that emerged recently, showed a still of Wolverine, and although it didn’t come from Mangold’s account, it shows the power that twitter has in relaying information, and Mangold himself has tweeted various BTS shots, including this most recent one from the set:


Marc Webb, director of the upcoming Amazing Spider-man 2 has also been incredibly prolific in tweeting, and has taken using Twitter to post a photo a day from the production as it rolls forward from it’s principal photography start date, and each picture has come with a cryptic hashtag, such as this one:


AP2HYC has covered one of these tweets before, and they make for fascinating and puzzling insights into a production that many Spidey-Fans are waiting with baited breath to see.

Especially this one:



…which, as fans of Ultimate Spider-Man know, may point to the inclusion of the Venom symbiote.

Its looks like James Gunn, the director of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, will also be using Twitter to possibly tweet tidbits from the production, as he’s already mentioned work on the film. due to his movements right now being part of it’s pre-production, and it’ll be interesting to see what he reveals as the whole thing moves forward.

Robert Rodriguez is another director to add to the list, as he tweeted these photos of Josh Brolin as Dwight McCarthy from Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, and with another BTS shot, it makes me wonder how these tweets are being processed in relation to the film, and if some fans feel the magic is being taken away from the process as a result.

I realize that Behind the Scenes information is commonplace now, but to be getting this information relayed *ahead* of the film being release, has been an interesting phenomenon, and I know when I went to see King Kong for example, the film did seem strange to view after the extensive vlogs I had seen previously: more like a huge home movie I had been a part of witnessing, just down the road.

At any rate, I do ultimately like how Twitter is being used for images, as it does at least possess a different quality compared to footage, and separates itself from the actual film because of that, and I look forward to seeing what each director will reveal as time goes on.

I get the feeling that Kevin Smith, being the huge Twitter user he is, will be utilizing it for his upcoming Clerks III in some way as well, so it’s a burgeoning field, and for superhero movies, we will be keeping you in the loop with this weekly column, which will serve to summarize what’s been posted to far, and offer some commentary on what it all means, and it’s ultimate place in the films.

Stick with us each week as we cover these filmmakers and what tweets they bring…

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