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Young Justice: Invasion “Endgame” Review

Well it’s over. Two seasons and forty-six episodes later, Young Justice has reached its all too soon conclusion. “Endgame” was a fitting finale that encapsulated everything we loved about the series and the comics: larger than life stakes, great character interaction, and a hero’s sacrifice for the greater good. However, after an episode like “ Summit,” it just felt like something was lacking to push this into greatness. Let’s jump right into it, and as always, SPOILER ALERT.

The opening moments on Rimbor in which we see the Justice League receive their verdict—guilty—and Miss Martian, Superboy, and Adam Strange arrive too late to the party and now have to argue why the League should be released. Although I understand both Miss Martian’s and Superboy’s reasoning for wanting to be the ones to rescue the League, this felt a little too convenient to me. The two of them were literally sent to solve all the issues and did it in a matter of minutes, too quick for my taste, I guess.

Another rushed aspect was the takedown and depowering of Black and Green Beetle.  They played such a large part in the seasons’ overall story, but their powers were destroyed in a matter of seconds. Black especially had a huge decrease in terms of how powerful he was. In his first appearance, he all but destroyed the team, but by the end of the season, he could barely handle Aqualad and two Beetles. The power levels should be scaled correctly is all I am trying to say. Of course Black’s real plan, using natural disasters to destroy the Earth, was much more interesting than the machinations the Ambassador was using the entire season. It created a bunch of fantastic visuals and allowed the team to really be pushed. It also allowed Lex to do what he does best, serve himself, and I give the man credit, Lex is always scheming.

The Reach tech and Reach bots did feel like the series was pushing its comic book roots. On the plus side, it allowed us to see how large the team and league have grown to be; I mean, forty members is nothing to sneeze at, but at the same time, there was no way we were going to be able to see all of the battles, which is kind of a let down. Hearing that Asami and Black Canary are teaming up is not as cool as seeing how those members interact.  Seeing Black Lightning and Static team up was cool though; plus, now they have a mentor/mentee relationship going.

Being a finale, everything goes according to plan too easily and the team soon finds out that there is a twenty-first beacon that has gone chrysalis. As most DC comic fans know, where there is a crisis there is a Flash family sacrifice, and in this case the unlucky one was the much loved Kid Flash. Wally bit the bullet to save the world and I have to say this kind of annoyed me. It’s not that Wally’s sacrifice was meaningless or out of left field, it just felt like Wally did so little this season to warrant his sacrifice. I could understand if Kaldur or Nightwing did this as a way to atone for the mistakes they made this past year, but Wally just wanted a normal life with Artemis and unfortunately paid the ultimate price for it. This scene and sacrifice had the right emotional impact for a finale, but Wally should not have been the one to die for the team, in my opinion.

Of course all the big “if there was ever a season three this is what we would do” material came in the last couple of minutes. Vandal and the Warworld showed up on Rimbor and declared Earth to be off limits to extraterrestrials. It was an awesome moment and really captured that the Light may have lost the battle to the Team but not the war. The Team, which now includes Static, Impulse taking up the mantel of Kid Flash, and Artemis’s return to the team as Tigress, are now working side by side with the League in the Watchtower. This is great, and I wish we could see how this dynamic evolves over time, but the TV gods are cruel. Nightwing’s decision to take a leave of absence after Wally’s death is a little weird but also understandable. Although my favorite reaction was Superman’s to Lex being named UN Secretary General, we never saw them actually interact but you find out all you need to know about their relationship from that one moment, and it was superb. The big reveal that everyone kind of saw coming, however, was that Vandal and The Light were indeed working with Apokolips and Darksied this entire time. I wish so badly that we could see how this plays out, as Darkseid is the villain we deserve to end this fantastic series on.

Sadly Young Justice has indeed come to an end (unless Cartoon Network decides to reverse their position and give us a third season after all). Either way, we have two fantastic seasons of this super series to watch and delve into over and over again. Remember as Artemis said, “There will always be a world to save.”


Extra Thoughts

-Seeing all of those heroes on the same screen was pretty amazing, sometimes you forget how big of a cast this show really had.

-Glad to see the Hero Memorial Garden is now in the Watchtower where it rightfully belongs.

-The commercial for Teen Titans Go! looked to have changed the art style from the original Teen Titans. It just does not feel like the show I loved to watch when I was younger.

Final Grade: B

+ Great writing and tribute to what the series was great at.

+ Interesting new status quo for the team



-Wally’s death felt bizarre

-Black Beetle was reduced to fodder

-Clearly not planned as a Series Finale

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