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Young Justice: Invasion “Intervention” Review

Wow, if you were wondering what the description of both payoff and info dump are, there is no better place to start than with “Intervention.” This episode was the equivalent of watching years of DC continuity shoved into twenty-two minutes, thanks to Peter David, writer of the original Young Justice comic, and it was awesome. I mean it had a lot: Rocket and Zatanna, Impulse, the history of the Blue Beetles, watching the Reach Ambassador become more and more pissed at “the meat.” It was hilarious and entertaining to watch as, just like Jaime, we were putting everything together as the episode went along. Now there is a lot to go over so let’s dive right into it. As always, SPOILER ALERT.


So this week finally saw Jaime reclaim control of his body and his scarab from the Reach. It was fun to have Jaime basically narrate the action for us as the episode progressed; his running commentary and back and forth with the Ambassador made for a great bit of dialog. Jamie could not help but rub it in the Ambassador’s smug face that “the meat” was winning and that the Ambassador’s threats were really lame. The fact that Jaime has been sentient this whole time is terrifying, especially considering in “War,” he had to pummel his friends into submission. It is extremely satisfying that he was able to reason with the scarab on some level and the scarab agreed that working with Jaime is much better than being a slave to the Reach.

What was even more fun is that former team members Zatanna and Rocket showed up to crash the mode. If there is one major complaint I have about this season, it is that the main cast of Season One has been severely underused. Seriously, I think the last time we even heard Wally’s name mentioned was back in “The Fix,” and he was a major cast member. I digress, because it was awesome to see Zatanna and Rocket team up and get Blue and Green on the good side; all their banter was fantastic. Sure, magic was the easy answer to all their problems—it always is in comics—but the set up and how they got there was worth it. I had completely forgotten about the tomb in “Beneath,” that, ladies and gentlemen is foresight and a half. After this episode I wish that the former team would come back and help more, as this episode proved they were not sitting around doing nothing for those five years, they gained some real skills.

Speaking of the team, the actions sequences continue to astound, especially the big knockdown fight with Blue and Green at the end. This show’s action is better than ninety percent of network television’s, including this week’s episode of Arrow. Impulse had some great stuff this week, including the wire run and when he chucked the lassoed Green Beetle into Zatanna’s spell. This combined with when the entire team showed up to stall for the ritual made my jaw hit the floor. That Beast Boy reveal was simultaneously hilarious, surprising, and awesome, so congrats Mel Zwyer on choreographing that scene.

Miss Martian’s emotional baggage and dumping of Lagoon Boy was a large improvement from last week’s drama. Nobody liked this coupling from day one, but I still feel badly for La’gann, as it’s not his fault that he was the rebound guy. I am happy Connor was not waiting around after being mentally violated by Miss Martian—I’m proud of the big lug for playing the field.

So, how much does it suck to be the Reach right now? I mean they have pretty much lost all of their advantages on earth, and we know Blue is going to go public on how he was a mind-controlled puppet for a while. It also appears that there is a power struggle between the Ambassador and Black Beetle on how they should be doing things with the invasion. It’s a nice touch to show that the once mighty Reach has really fallen hard since “War.” It shows that they could not fully prepare for our heroes.

Now let’s talk about that ending. I thought that the expospeak at the end of this week’s Arrow was excessive, and I thought this would be pushing it, and yet somehow it all worked. I guess Weisman and Vietti saw the writing on the wall in some form or fashion.  How cool was it to get the history of all the Blue Beetles in the span of a couple of minutes. Sure, I want an all out Blue Beetle lineage episode a la Batman Brave and the Bold, but I will definitely settle for this. It was also great to see that Ted Kord had figured out The Light would want to use the Scarab, I am surprised that Batman or Nightwing did not think to do something about it though. Seriously though, how long is The Light’s “master plan,” because by the way Queen Bee described it, The Light has been playing everyone for a good long while.

This was a great watch, but now we are unfortunately only two weeks away from the season/series finale. Hopefully the momentum keeps building to an awesome conclusion for the series!


Extra Thoughts

-“We have to set him free…y’know, before he conquers the Earth and enslaves all mankind.” Bart has his priorities straight.

-The Ambassador’s remote of the beetles is color coated, because you need to remember who is your mind-controlled puppet.

-Rocket: “Girlfriend! Some day you have to tell me how you figure out those backwards words so fast.” Zatanna: “Maybe backwards is my native tongue.” Wow Nightwing, you made a team out of your ex-girlfriends and Bart. That had to be a really awkward ride for Bart.


Final Grade: A-

+ Blue and Green back on the good side.

+ Zatanna and Rocket showing that the old team is still remembered

+ That Blue Beetle history lesson

+ Beast Boy coming out of nowhere


-Magic: The answer to all your problems in comic books once again.

-A massive amount of expospeak at the end of the episode

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