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Young Justice: Invasion “Summit” Review

Holy hell, that was exciting.

I mean “Summit” definitely live up to its name in terms of action, story, plot twists, and good old fashioned Young Justice fun. From the opening scene of all the bad guys being brought face to face, to Black Beetle saying that The Reach are going to burn Earth to ash, I was yelling and cheering like a mad man. The twists were phenomenal and made the commercial breaks all the more agonizing. I mean, if someone did a playback of Twitter during that second break, #CrashtheMonitor shot through the roof while trending worldwide. This was an amazing half hour of television, which makes me wonder how the season finale will possibly be able to follow it up. So let’s dive into the details and as always, SPOILER ALERT.

This episode had a high-quality movie feel from the get-go with that nod between Black Beetle and Deathstroke signifying that the summit should begin. There was obvious tension after The Reach had basically lost everything and for the Light to basically say, “we have done everything you asked, it’s your fault you lost” was a great moment. You could see that The Reach always thought themselves to have the upper hand in the relationship, and for them to be told they royally screwed the pooch was so satisfying to hear. Just watching The Ambassador lose his temper again was gratifying enough, but when Black took full command of The Reach at the end of the episode, it was felt like a well-deserved Icarus moment.

The little scuffle where Ra’s sees Artemis’ pendant was a nice warm-up for the big brawl at the end. It’s odd to me that the only member of The Light who realized Artemis was wearing a glamor charm was him, though. You’d have thought Klarion would’ve caught that in a second, but in the context of this episode, it was great to see Ra’s be the Batman of The Light and put everything together in a matter of seconds. Of course, this all led into the shocking commercial break where Deathstroke seems to kill both Aqualad and Artemis. I didn’t think you could even show that sort of thing on Saturday morning cartoons, so major props to the show’s entire team for really pushing that boundary; it definitely had the right amount of shock and I actually thought they bit the big one. This shows how strong Young Justice really is, as if only for a few minutes, I had assumed they had killed off major characters.

Kaldur’s video message really was the perfect way for the two sides to realize just how flawed their “partnership” really was. It was a nice touch to have Vandal admit that Kaldur and the team had caused him the most trouble in his fifty thousand years of existence. The bickering that followed was all for the sake of getting Vandal to admit that Deathstroke stole the key to the Warworld for the Light. I know this was pretty clear, but you never truly know when Lex is involved in a plot if he is doing it for The Light or himself. Plus, it’s nice to see that for all their planning, once a villain’s schemes are brought to light, they are truly exposed.

This of course led to the big moment when Artemis and Kaldur were shown to be alive and kicking, Miss Martian was revealed to be masquerading as Deathstroke, and the team, including Wally, showed up to save the day. Kaldur was right to say that what makes the team strong is that they never abandon a friend, and watching all the interplay in this big fight was fantastic.

Have I mentioned how much I love Wally?  The moment he showed up and said “Hey, Beautiful” was so unabashedly him, and I loved it. Watching the interplay between Artemis and him, dirty innuendos and all, showed that these two were meant for each other, and that it was really painful to see them apart. This season really did need more Wally. I mean, Bart has been an acceptable substitute, but you can’t beat the original. Wally’s moment of telling Bart he is the next Kid Flash was a great Flash family bonding moment, and it reminded me of how great “Bloodlines” was earlier this season.

Finally, we got our Nightwing fight.  Of course, it was just against a few fodder ninjas, but it was awesome nonetheless watching him put everything Batman taught him to good use. The staging of the Mallah and Beast Boy fracas was superb, especially when Beast Boy changed into a rhino and rammed Mallah through some stone pillars. The best fight, however, was, in my opinion, between Kaldur and Black Manta: the father vs. son beatdown lived up to its billing. It is clear to me that Kaldur was ruthless in his fight, and it was apparent in Kaldur’s apprehension that he knew he had hurt his father greatly with his actions. Even so, as Nightwing said, this was a huge win for the team and probably the biggest success they have had in their existence. They effectively crippled both The Light and The Reach on multiple fronts and everyone made it out without getting hurt. Of course, when an episode ends on this much of a high note, it usually means the worst is yet to come.

There is only one episode left unfortunately, and I, for one, don’t want it to end.


Spare Thoughts

– “You can’t fake anyone’s death for at least a year” Beast Boy, you really should have had more dialog this year: every time you open your mouth is pure gold.

– Klarion with the Pokemon style effects coming out of Vandal’s ring was cool. Another severely underused character this season.

– “I so want to kiss you now, or maybe kill you for putting us through all this.” “Hold that thought. You can decide later, when we’re alone.” Yep, nothing subtle about that, Artemis.


Final Grade: A

+ The Team’s all together again

+ Watching the villains bicker and fight was great.

+ The tension when Artemis and Kaldur got “shot”

+ We missed you Wally—don’t ever change.

+ A great win for the team.

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