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5 Comics That Should Be on TV

Superheroes are big on multiple media platforms including movies, TV, and video games, but some are better suited to one type of media than another. TV’s ability to present long form stories has helped to elaborate and build upon the minor details, which were only briefly explored. This writing style, seen on such great programs as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, helps us to build up characters in new and interesting ways as writers’ rooms have multiple points of view, where as movie scripts are usually limited to one or two perspectives. These details, such as the re-envisioning of Woodbury and The Governor in Walking Dead, help to add a new flavor and identity to the world. There are characters or stories that we all know would work better on the small screen as opposed to the big one. Here are a few such characters and books, both indie and mainstream.


5. Morning Glories

Everyone has a weird high school.

Everyone has a weird high school.

A relatively new book that would fit right in on the CW or some other basic channel, Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma have crafted a great mystery that is perfectly suited to long form story telling. The simple pitch for the book was “Lost in high school,” and though I was not a big fan of Lost, Morning Glories has kept me coming back every issue because the mystery is so great. Following Casey, Ike, Zoe, Jade, Jun, and Hunter around the academy as they attempt to find out what is going on would work great with the mystery of the week type format and the larger mystery would play excellently as a season long arc. All the characters are not simple stereotypes and are each interesting in their own right, possessing a flair I would love to see some young actors try to capture. What makes this book a shoe in for TV is that Spencer has said every issue is an episode and that the first twenty-six could be seen as “season one.”

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