5 Things We Probably Won’t See in Iron Man 3 (But It Would Be Awesome If We Did!)

There has been much speculation about what’s going to happen in this month’s Iron Man 3. Will Pepper become Rescue? How closely will the Extremis virus resemble it’s comic counterpart? Will Tony be able to protect the one thing he cares about most  – shwarma?

We know we’ll be seeing the Mandarin, Iron Patriot, and Aldrich Killian, and possibly even A.I.M. (Controller anyone?). But, sadly, there are a few things that we now know will definitely NOT happen in the film, regardless of how flipping awesome they would all be…

5. Hulkbuster vs. Hulk


No matter what the marketing materials may say, we all know that the Mark 38 armor “Igor” is actually the Hulkbuster armor. Famously making it’s first appearance during a fight between Iron Man and the Hulk in 1994. Since then, Hulk and Hulkbuster have gone toe-to-toe several times, including during World War Hulk and on the Iron Man: Armored Adventures TV show. It’s kind of like how Batman always carries kryptonite: you gotta have a back-up plan when the strongest member of your team has a history of throwing planet-shattering tantrums.

Unfortunately, we know that Hulk (or any of the other Avengers) will not be appearing in Iron Man 3, so a Hulkbuster vs. Hulk battle is out of the question. However, I’ve still got my fingers crossed that we’ll get to see the two fight it out in The Avengers 2.

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