AC/DC To Write Broadway Musical “Iron Man: Suiting Up And Getting Down” – APRIL FOOL’S DAY

AC/DC and Marvel Entertainment have announced plans to produce an Iron Man musical based on the hit film series. Hot off the success of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Marvel is eager to adapt more of it’s properties into spectacle-driven rock-operas. The musical, titled Iron Man: Suiting Up And Getting Down is expected to hit Broadway sometime in 2015.

While it has been confirmed that the show will have no real plot as such, sources inside the production have leaked several of the song titles.

The show will open with “Humvee to Hell” in a brief retelling of the attack and kidnapping that eventually lead to Stark building the Mark I Iron Man armor. Stark’s return to the States will be marked with a rendition of “Back in Black Suits.” Tony’s first outing in the Iron Man armor will be set to “Thunderstruck”, while Rhodey’s solo will be “For Those of You About To Suit Up, We Salute You.” “I Am Iron Man” will serve as the finale, of course, with an encore featuring Nick Fury and Tony Stark singing a duet of “You Shook Me All Night Long”.

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