Dredd 3D Sequel Announced… In Comic Form

Fans of the recent Dredd 3D movie may have something to cheer about.  Although the movie didn’t make the splash at the box office that it deserved, a sequel has been finally announced.  The catch?  It’s going to be a comic book.  Although I was a fan of Dredd 3D I wasn’t shocked it was a flop, given the overpopulation of films last summer.

It has been stated that the first Dredd movie was the beginning of a trilogy, although,  the ticket sales and lack of a general audience  said otherwise.  Now sources are confirming that the plan has been set and the idea for the sequel movie will be in comic book form.

How long will you have to wait to read the sequel?  Only a few short months.  2000 A.D has announced that we can expect the comic to come out in September.   This leads me to believe that there is a possibility that this was planned in advance, due to the film’s ticket sells, and they were waiting for the perfect time to announce it.

No news has been given on how many issues it will be, although my guess would be about six.  It seems 2000 A.D is keeping coy on the finer details until days before the release date.  Let’s just hope that if this is successful they will finish out the trilogy. It may also give people the idea that, even if a movie flops, there are other mediums to continue and finish their stories.

Dredd 3D is out on DVD and Blu-Ray now.

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Will you be reading the Dredd sequel when it comes out this September?

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