MSN Considering Reviving Heroes on Xbox

According to TV Line, MSN, who is currently looking to expand their original content to release on Xbox, is considering bringing NBC’s Heroes back from the land of cancellation. This new version would center around a new batch of characters, although there is hope that it will include cameos from the original cast.

While initially quite successful, Heroes eventually became rather uninspired and it came as no surprise when the series was ultimately cancelled. That said, it would be quite interesting to see what a new group of writers could bring to that world, which has already been expanded in webseries and comic books. With the promise of new characters and storylines, and plenty of comic book material to draw from if they so desired, there certainly is potential for it to return to its former greatness.

That said, the fact still remains that in the wake of recent successful revivals of cancelled shows Arrested Development and Veronica MarsHeroes hasn’t really come up as a show that deserves to be brought back from the dead. While I personally loved the first season enough to watch through to the bitter end, I always thought that it was best left where it ended.

What do you think? Should Heroes be revived? Or are some shows just better left for dead?

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