Peter Panzerfaust Flying to Other Media

I should really say that comics deserve to be adapted more often because we just got our wish. It was announced today by Image Comics that Kurtis J. Wiebe’ and Tyler Jenkins fantastic Peter Panzerfaust will be making the jump to not only motion comics, but also is in development for a live action series by Adjacent Productions and Quality Transmedia.

Peter Panzerfaust is a reimagining of the story of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys as World War II freedom fighters told from the perspective of the Lost Boys. The motion comic has a pretty stellar voice cast attached to it with Elijah Wood (Wilfred, Lord Of The Rings)playing Peter, Ron Perlman (Hellboy) as the Hook analogy Captain Haken, Summer Glau (Firefly) taking the role of Wendy, and Dante Basco (Hook, Avatar: The Last Airbender) to Alain.

I am pretty stoked about this cast as all have given excellent voice performances in the past and have excellent material to work with. It will be interesting to hear Frodo do battle with Slade while River provides back up, and if anyone wants to possibly sketch that image I will be overjoyed.

As for the live action series, we have very few details other than that it is in development. For those who have not read Peter Panzerfaust, I suggest picking up the first trade paperback, which is out now, and the second that will be out on May 15th. We will keep you updated as more details surface.

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  • Nice one Summer!
    I’m really pleased for her and looking forward in checking this one out; it will be exciting just to hear Summer Glau perform again, hearing her beautifull voice 🙂