See Electro & Harry Osborn in New Images from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

New images have surfaced from Marc Webb’s currently filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Webb himself tweeted the first look at Foxx as Max Dillon, Electro’s alter-ego (above), while several sources have posted images of Jamie Foxx in full blue make-up as villain Electro (below).

The Max Dillon image suggests the character may have an obsession with Spider-Man even before becoming Electro, with the “obsession wall” in the background. Dillon himself appears to be more meek and nerdy, which follows from previous depictions of the character. Meanwhile, this version of Electro seems more in keeping with more recent versions of the character: instead of the classic green and yellow suit, Spidey will likely face a blue-skinned, black-suited foe.


Several behind-the-scenes shots showing the details of Foxx's Electro make-up

Several behind-the-scenes shots showing the details of Foxx’s Electro make-up

The image of Dane Deehan as Harry Osborn, on the other hand, is less revealing, showing us an essentially expected take on the character. Whether Webb is keeping some tricks up his sleeve remains to be seen.


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