Stephen Amell Reveals He Was Kidnapped and Tortured By Justin Hartley – APRIL FOOL’S DAY

Stephen Amell, star of the hit series Arrow, has had his scarred torso featured in much of the promotional art for the series. However, the star has just revealed that the scars are real, inflicted by a jealous Justin Hartley. Hartley, who previously played the Green Arrow character on Smallville, reportedly kidnapped Amell after the casting choice was announced and used him as a target, shooting barbed arrows at him, shouting “I am the better Queen!”

Amell was held for nearly three days before managing to escape from the manic Hartley. He later told the police that he was only able to get past Hartley because he was distracted by his own reflection and begun stroking his own abs saying “Tom’s got nothing on me.”

Amell has refused to press charges against Hartley, saying that he draws on the experience to improve his performance on the show.

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