Top 5 Actors We’d Like to See Play Daredevil

With the dust settling on the rights dispute, there will, hopefully, be a new Daredevil film soon. With 10 years having now passed since Ben Affleck’s atrotious turn as Matt Murdock, it is time for a new actor to take on the horned cowl of the Man Without Fear. Plenty of names have been batted around, especially last year when David Slade and Joe Carnahan were attached to direct a new Daredevil film. Here are our picks for the ones who should still be considered front-runners.

5. Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles

While Jensen Ackles has clearly flourished in Supernatural, it’s also kept him from breaking onto the big screen. His role as Dean proves he’s more than capable of handling devilish roles, and he would also be able to bring an appropriate level of humour to the part as well.

Whether Ackles would be able to play blind believably is anyone’s guess, but he would definitely not look out of place clad in red leather. I’m sure many a fan-girl has fantasized about him in such an outfit already.

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