Top 5 Characters We’d Like to See Appear on Arrow

Oh Arrow, you have given us a lot, and I mean a lot of famous comic book characters brought to the small screen, each of them like a tiny gift to a loving comic book audience. As we look forward to Season Two we ask, what else you got? You see, we in the comic book community are a needy bunch and always want to see more of our favorite characters interact with each other. I love how Slade and Roy Harper are portrayed and I feel like the more conflicted and well rounded characters we can get the better. Now, I know Arrow is firmly rooted in reality, or as close to reality as you can possibly get, but might I ask that we maybe, possibly, potentially get some of the, let’s say less realistic characters to appear at some point in the show. Note these are just suggestions of fun people, so lets try to work together and see just how cool we can make Arrow.


5. Hal Jordan

Best friends like the same colors

Best friends like the same colors

Now bear with me as I know full well this is one of those “not gonna happen” picks that all of us fanboys love to make, but lets be reasonable.  Hal is a good friend of Ollie’s in the comic’s and their stories have often intertwined over the decades. He does not need to have powers, although it would be nice if eventually they relax the firmly rooted in reality thing. Hal and Carol can pop in and maybe just say hi to Ollie and they can form a budding friendship over a business agreement. Carol working with Queen Industries would be interesting and having someone even cockier then Oliver would be an interesting avenue to explore. Don’t think I  missed that McKenna was going to Coast City to be with her sister. That was more than a tease that Hal exists in the Arrow world.

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