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Our weekly column looks at the recent trend of superhero film production through Twitter.

After the bombshell that was last week’s The Wolverine trailer, which director James Mangold teased and unveiled through Twitter, things have simmered down a little back to there usual pace.  Bryan Singer has been updating us on his latest comings and goings, including this interesting peek at where Singer’s office might be right now, as he takes part in a phone discussion with one Jason Reitman…must be good to know these people.  He also brought us this intriguing look at Magneto’s equipment, which could either suggest these are instruments Magneto uses on someone via his powers, or that he’s collected for kicks over the years.  My gut says the first one:


I’m sure it was pute coincidence that this next piece of news happened to land on April Fool’s Day, but it seems Lady Gaga the latest cast to play a mutant in the upcoming film. Dazzling indeed.

James Mangold, however has been keeping it low-key Wolverine-wise for the most part, except to tweet this lovely pic of Yukio, which might suggest the use of colours as visual thematic indicators throughout the film.  Perhaps anyway.  He’s also been retweeting reactions to the trailer which seem to be positive in general, and I look forward to whatever trailer lands next; although part of me wishes films would just send out one trailer, not ones that increase in length, revealing more and more footage as they go on.  Yes I’m looking at you Star Trek Into Darkness!

At the same time, Marc Webb continues to web-shoot BTS pics from the continually rolling The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and I like this one in particular, which gives a sense of what it must be like to be in a directors shoes and be constantly watched, even as you do “interesting” things to demonstrate concepts for the crew.  He also tweeted this pic, which I’m not sure to make off, but I’d say the object involved might be present at an Oscorp boardroom meeting of some sort, judging by the shiny surface which it’s sitting on, which could be a table of some sort.  Or it might be just a shiny surface.   Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments…

Robert Rodriguez has remained fairly quiet again on his film Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For but he’s been keeping the momentum going on his crowd-based feature film project which looks to be gaining steam nicely, and I can’t wait to see the finished result.  Particularly if it has this.

It’s fair to say that James Gunn’s twitter feed has also been relatively silent on all things relating to his newest film, Guardians of the Galaxy, but he came out with a suprise in the form of this little charmer.  That’s right, Rocket Racoon, and I think the character looks great, with a real sense of style and purpose that I think bodes well for his debut on the big screen, which is coming to cinemas next year.  Here’s hoping Gunn sends out of these peeks at the production as time goes on.

Well that about wraps up this week in Twitter, and please feel free to leave your comments/observations/thoughts etc in the comments section below, and here’s looking forward to next week!


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