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Interesting to think that Bryan Singer is now officially in production the latest X-Men film, X-Men: Days of Future Past and I can’t help but think that many an eye and expectation will be on Singer as he prepares to unveil his return to the X-Men universe after previously abandoning what would have been his trilogy of films for Superman Returns, which did not prove successful in relaunching Superman into the Man of Steel that he will now become this summer instead.  It feels good overall to have him back on the series, and so far we’ve already seen many glimpses into pre-production, but I imagine as production rolls on we’ll get even more juicy glimpses into the X-World.  Like this one for instance, which is a welcome return for Iceman and I hope we see more of his spectacular talents in action.  Along with Sir Patrick Stewart:


Apart from those tidbits it’s been a relatively quiet week in Twitter land, with James Mangold, director of the upcoming The Wolverine tweeting out an interesting fan trailer which was made as a remake of the official one, which is cool, and Marc Webb continues his daily slew of pics from the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which continues to roll on steadily like a juggernaut.

As far as James Gunn and Robert Rodriguez go, they to have been very quiet, but the director of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy did post an interesting but short tour of his home, which looks rather spiffy and I hope he gets some relief from the vigours of production when the Guardians spring into action sometime later this year.  The director of Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For has also been quiet on that film, but it looks like he finally found his monster, so all’s well and good.

Well that’s about all for this week.  Stay tuned loyal readers as we head into the next week where who knows what or indeed who will be waiting for us in the Twitter land of heroes.

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