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5 Actors We’d Love to See Play Doctor Strange

Now that the Doctor Strange film has been officially confirmed, everyone wants to know who will actually portray the Sorcerer Supreme. It’s a hard role to cast, especially since the studio could decide to skew on either side of the age range, although I would prefer a slightly older version of the character.

Despite still being a long way off and it’s doubtful that we’ll hear any confirmation on a star, let alone a director, any time soon, here are our picks for who should play Doctor Strange:


5. Patrick Dempsey


I’ll be honest, I always thought of Dempsey as a rather bland choice for this and, well, any role really. Dr. McDreamy? Sure. But Dr. Strange?

Dempsey has been a fan favourite for the role for some time now, with many a Photoshopped image surfacing. And I’ll admit it, he definitely looks the part.

But what earned Dempsey a spot on this list is the fact that he apparently has been lobbying for the role for years. He is a big fan of the comics and has been trying to get a film or TV show based on Doctor Strange off the ground since 2010. There’s definitely something to be said for an actor with that much passion for a character, and if he wants the role so badly, Marvel may just give it to him.

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