5 Reasons DC Should Delay The Justice League Movie

Currently, WB and DC are planning on releasing a new Justice League movie in 2015 (contingent on the success of Man of Steel) to compete with Avengers 2. Now, I’ll be the first to admit a Justice League movie would be pretty badass (just as long as it’s nothing like the unreleased TV pilot…) and that I would love to finally see Batman and Superman share the screen. But it feels like DC is plunging ahead without really thinking things through.

If they continue their plan to release Justice League in 2015, I feel certain that it won’t be the best possible version of the film. There’s a lot of reasons why Justice League would be better off if it were delayed a bit. For starters…


5. It Will Have to Compete with Avengers 2


This is one of the most important reasons I think DC should delay the JLA movie. With a big superhero team up film already slated for the beginning of the 2015 summer season, it seems like it may not be worth it for DC to compete with its own, untested franchise. Also, since Avengers 2 is set to be released in early May, Justice League will inevitably be released afterwards, which leads to two possible outcomes:

First (and more likely): Avengers 2 is a huge success and everybody loves it. Which means no matter what, Justice League will draw constant comparison to a film that will already have 10 films supporting its success. Justice League would only have Man of Steel to draw on, and for that reason alone it’s unlikely it will be as good as Avengers 2. In addition, while fanboys will certainly see both films, some people might be put off by seeing two similar films (although considering how many times this has happened in the past, such as this year with Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down, there must be some reasoning behind such a move).

Second: Avengers 2 is a complete flop. Which could have mixed results for Justice League. While some people might be hopeful that Justice League will do a better job at a superhero team up, some may become disheartened and leave it be.

Either way, it seems like it’s not really worth the risk. Instead, if DC insists on releasing a film that summer, they should…

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