6 Possible Actresses to Play The Wasp

We know very little about Marvel Studios’ upcoming Ant-Man adaptation, apart from that it’s being directed by Edgar Wright (Hot FuzzScott Pilgrim vs. the World), who also wrote the script alongside frequent collaborator Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), that it’s currently due to hit cinemas on November 6th, 2015, after the release of The Avengers 2, and that it will kick off Phase 3 of the MCU. The news has also been cobbled together that it will be an origin story, it won’t be a spoof, and will feature the first two incarnations of Ant-Man, Henry “Hank” Pym and Scott Lang, in some capacity; however, we have no idea of the plot or how it will tie into the larger Marvel Universe.

One big component of the film we can be sure of, though, is the presence of Janet Van Dyne AKA The Wasp, wealthy socialite and paramour of Hank Pym, and a formidable superhero in her own right. Sharing Ant-Man’s ability to drastically alter her dimensions and mass, Janet also possesses a pair of wings (ala Angel Salvadore who appeared in X-Men: First Class) and her very own “wasp’s sting”. Her relationship with Pym has been turbulent, often fractious: she first married him when he was suffering from disassociative identity disorder, believing himself to be a vigilante responsible for the death of Pym, and later divorced him when he suffered another mental breakdown and struck her. Janet has always been the rock of Pym’s world, and, to an extent, The Avengers. It’s easy to see why Joss Whedon is so fond of her.

In any case, her casting will presumably depend largely upon that of Ant-Man – without the right chemistry the whole film would collapse – and the tone Wright intends to take, but here are a few suggestions?


6. Kerry Washington

Though she may be best known for playing a cracking love interest (in films including Ray, The Last King of Scotland, and, indeed, Django Unchained), Washington has also proven she can play a strong, decisive woman as Olivia Pope, lead character and head of a crisis management firm in the ABC TV series Scandal. She would bring a much-need glamor to Janet’s socializing and has already worked with Patrick Wilson – one of our possible actors for the role of Ant-Man – in 2008’s Lakeview Terrace (which also starred Nick Fury himself, Samuel L. Jackson). It could prove a match made in Marvel Heaven…

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