MCM Expo 2013 Recap & Photos


This past weekend saw the return of MCM Comic Con to London’s Excel Centre. I was able to venture down for a few hours on Saturday, and was promptly blown away by the number of people I found there. To all the awesome people I met, don’t forget to keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!


Assorted highlights:

– Meeting a ton of awesome people,  both in the 2 hour queue and inside.

– The free hugs and high fives in the queue, without which I may have given up hope.

– Lady Loki (after posing for a picture): See? It’s all about the cape.

– Catching up with the Dead Universe folks and discussing the humorous possibilities of time travel with ****

– Seeing Edgar Wright

– This exchange with one of the guys at the Deadpool game booth:

(After seeing me watching someone play for a bit)

DP Guy: You can get a free t-shirt if you pre-order the game today.

Me: Sorry, I don’t even have a TV.

DP Guy: It’s only  £35.

Me: I. Don’t. Have. A. TV. Or any game system. How would I play it?

DP Guy: It’s down from £45. And you get the free t-shirt.

*I slowly backed away from the DP Guy/possible marketing android…


Below are some pictures taken by me, other members of the AP2HYC team, and a few from some of our newest friends. Tweet us your pictures with the hashtag #IWearACape and we’ll feature them in a follow up article!

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