Top 5 Actors to Play The Flash

Now that Man of Steel has soared to success, it seems that both a sequel and the Justice League movie are pretty much done deals. David Goyer seems to be the man in charge of these projects, at least the writing, and he has been speaking about the projects a lot lately.We here at AP2HYC are firm believers that if the Justice League do come to the big screen, there should be at least one more feature set in the DC Cinematic Universe (DCCU) to introduce the world to at least one more character before shoving them all onto the big screen. Another Batman film would be a waste of time; no one wants to try to top Chistopher Nolan’s trilogy just yet. Another Green Lantern movie would not only also be a waste, but probably work against the potential Justice League film; considering how badly the first one bombed, no one is eager to try another outing anyway.

This leads me to a conclusion I’ve mentioned before: there should be a Flash movie in the lead-up to the Justice League movie. Unlike Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, or Wonder Woman, Flash is a normal, everyday guy who lives in the real world. No aliens, no underwater or isolated island kingdoms, just a forensic scientist, something we’re now all too familiar with.

So, if Flash is to make his big screen debut, here are my choices to play the Scarlet Speedster:


5. Scott Caan


Anyone who’s watched the recent remake of Hawaii Five-0 will know that Scott Caan is the best thing about it. His Danny is snappy, sarcastic, and determined. He’s one of my favourite TV cops and I think he would make a great Barry Allen. His resemblance to previous Flash actor John Wesley Shipp aside, I think Caan would do an excellent job of making the Flash the audience’s surrogate character, the one JLA member who really does need everything explained to him, and maybe is a little surly about it. He’d be the Flash who rolls his eyes at his more powerful teammates while reminding them that the Justice League does have humans on the team as well. They’ll just have to shoot it in a way that makes him look as tall as everyone else…

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