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Five Films That Comic-Con has Made Us More Excited To See

This year’s San Diego Comic-con had no shortage of film news to get you excited. With everything from the revelation of the Superman/Batman movie to the news that the Avengers sequel will be called Avengers: Age of Ultron, there was more then enough to please the geeks out there.

Among the films featured at this years Comic-Con, some of the most eagerly anticipated were Robocop, I Frankenstein, Dawn of The Planet of The Apes,  Riddick, and Godzilla. The panels not only shed new light on the films, but also assured fans that everything that they would have come to expect from the film will be present. Godzilla will look like Godzilla, not some weird shark/iguana thing like he did in Roland Emmerich’s film, Riddick will be R rated, and Robocop will not be a mindless action blockbuster, to name just a few.

And so, without further delay, here are recaps of the panels of some of the most anticipated films featured at Comic-Con.

5. Robocop

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Fans have been in uproar about the Robocop remake. Everything from the bizarre new costume, to the fact that it will be rated PG-13 (wheras the original was the first NC-17 rated superhero film), creative control issues, with director Jose Padilha saying that for every ten ideas he comes up with, one will make it into the film, the fact that the film would focus on Murphy’s transformation into Robocop rather than his crime fighting career, and that fact that a leaked extract of the script revealed that Robocop will turn into a Michael Bay-style machine at various points.

At the Comic-Con, Padilha stated that the reason why he intends to focus on the man turning onto machine aspects of the story is because he felt that Paul Verhoeven’s original masterpiece was a “beautiful film” and therefore, rather then strictly remake it, he plans to use the basis of the original film to explore themes such as is it ethically right to use robots in warfare.

A trailer was shown at the panel, which unfortunately has not yet found its way online, but was said to offer a surprisingly thoughtful glimpse into what looked to be another explosion filled PG-13 action film, with Joel Kinnaman‘s Alex Murphy being critically injured by a car bomb, and Gary Oldman’s character explaining to Abbie Cornish that her husband will never walk again, and Cornish later trying to remind Murphy that she is his wife.

There was also some brief discussion about the redesigned costume, such as the fact that Robocop now has a human hand so that he can still shake the hands of other people, in order to preserve at least some of his humanity.

The director’s comments about the ethics that will be explored by the film, as well as what sounded like an emotional trailer, will hopefully set Robocop apart from the countless other superhero movies and remakes coming our way.

4. I, Frankenstein

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Surprisingly, after the release of The Dark Knight, Arron Ekhart never went on to achieve a high level of stardom, but maybe I, Frankenstein will change that.

Elkhart plays Adam, a re-imagined version of Shelley’s creation who, as he described at the panel, will embody the loneliness of Shelley’s creature. Adam must prevent the apocalypse that the film’s villain, played by Bill Nighhy, hopes to bring about.

Another feature that makes I, Frankenstein unique is how director Stuart Beattie decided that, in order for it not to look like a traditional action film, the characters in the film would employ a stlye of Filipino martial arts known as Kali stick fighting. And rest assured, Eckhart trained for six months in this fighting style prior to filming.

The trailed showed gargoyles, monstrous creatures, and Adam doing what he does best, fighting for the sake of humanity, in what sounds like one truly awesome action/horror film.

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