Hugh Jackman’s Best Wolverine Moments Part 3: Top 5 Character Moments

3. “Hey, hey, it’s me.” “Prove it.” – X-Men

Wolverine’s renowned for not playing well with others, but apparently his abrasiveness is so fundamental to his character that it’s become sort of a key identifier. How else do you explain the above clip?

What really sells it is Cyclops’ matter-of-fact response, the way he just says, Okay, as if “This is what we have come to expect of Logan. No one else could ever capture this level of antipathy.” Clearly, this is an essential part of his character.

– Rob


2. “She ‘s gone…” – X2

On the other hand, there’s a lot more to Logan than just snark. When love interest Jean Grey is tragically killed while shielding the X-Jet from a tsunami, Logan can do nothing but look on in horror. She’s gone…

As such, when love rival Scott freaks out and begins whaling on him, you can imagine the temptation for Logan to just lay him out. Instead, he holds Scott and lets him cry. While they’re never exactly gonna have a bromance, this is Logan at his most empathetic. It’s a rare moment of vulnerability for both of them, and perhaps the only time in the whole trilogy when they are able to put their rivalry aside.

– Rob


1.Logan Kills Phoenix, X-Men: The Last Stand

For all X3 did poorly, Angel, Multiple Man, the Cure… look this would be awhile but we are on a schedule.

We finally go to see Jean Grey become the  Phoenix and she was as terrifying as we all wanted her to be. She had no remorse in killing Cyclops or Professor X. When it came down to it, Logan was forced to kill what he cared about and loved the most. It was heart wrenching and amazing watching Logan constantly regenerate from being attacked by Phoenix.

– Scott


But as we all know, not all wounds can heal as quickly, and so, with the death of Jean hanging heavy on his conscience, Logan leaves the Xavier institute once more, heading for Japan in The Wolverine

What’s your favourite Wolverine moment?

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