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LFCC 2013 Recap and Pictures!

This past weekend, the AP2HYC team, including myself, Assitant Editor Rob, and Contributing Writer Davidde Gelmini, all headed out to the London Film and Comic Con at Earl’s Court. We had an absolute blast, catching up with old friends, making new ones, and even saw some celebrities!

–         Peter Dinklage, when asked for a quote about X-Men: Days of Future Past: “Still filming… I had a grand time.”

–         Saw glimpses of Danny Glover, Amanda Tapping, Eve Myles, Lena Headey, David Prowse, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew, and others

–         Caught up with some of our favourite comic artists, including Brett Uren, Michael Georgiou, Grainne Mcentee, Andy Clift, and Theo Ajiey

–         Met a whole bunch of new artists and hopefully will see them again in October

–         Met some incredible cosplayers

–         Frozen T-1000 bust


We’ve also posted a ton of pictures that we took over the weekend (mostly on Saturday) and if you see yourself in one of the pictures, LET US KNOW! Send us a tweet, post on our Facebook, or say hi in the comments. Be sure to mention who you were dressed as and you’ll be automatically entered into this summer’s #IWearACape costume contest!

Don’t see your picture here? Not to worry, you can still enter by sending us your picture by August 31st!

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