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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Comic-Con Footage + Description


It seems to always happen that one or two bits of exclusive Comic-Con footage finds its way onto the web. This year, the new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has leaked, although it seems Sony and Columbia are doing everything they can to take it down. We’ve posted the footage below, but it’s possible that the link will be taken down within the next few hours, so there’s a brief description of the footage below as well.


“You know what it is I love about being Spider-Man? Everything.”

The footage opens with clips of Spidey taking on Paul Giamatti‘s pre-Rhino Aleksei Sytsevich who appears to be trying to steal a truck. This is intercut with a funny scene between Peter and Aunt May about how he turned all the laundry red and blue the last time he did it himself. During the fray with Sytsevich, Spider-Man meets, and makes quite the impression on, Jamie Foxx‘s Max Dillon. It seems that Max is a nobody and getting some attention from Spider-Man sparks something inside him.

Next, we see Max talking to Gwen Stacey, saying how he’d like the whole world to see him the way they see Spider-Man and that he wishes he was like him. Then, over some images of Spider-Man swinging through the city and then Peter with Gwen, we hear Gwen saying, “You’re Spider-Man, and I love that. But I love Peter Parker more.”

After that, we see shots of what appears to be an Oscorp lab and glimpse the accident that turns Max into Electro. He gets electrocuted and then falls into a vat that seems to be full of electric eels. We see a quick shot of Chris Cooper‘s Norman Osborn, who is sick in a hospital bed, before a quick montage of shots leading up to Electro’s reveal and what looks to be him causing some chaos in Time Square, culminating in Foxx saying “I’m Electro,” before draining the power to cause a massive explosion. The final shot is of Spider-Man catching a car to save a police officer from being squashed.
Now, I’ve been pretty down on this film for the last few months since it was revealed it was going to have a gajillion villains (okay, 4, but still). My concern was that with so many characters, it would lose track of its own story and fall into the Spider-Man 3 trap, and nobody wants that. However, it seems that the main focus of the film will be on Electro, with Rhino a secondary villain at best, and it’s likely that while other future villains will appear, there is no indication (at least in this footage) that we’ll actually see them in action.

Another thing worth noting is that the crowd is cheering for Spider-Man during the truck scene at the beginning. Does this mean Jameson hasn’t begun his anti-Spider-Man campaign yet? It also seems to form part of Electro’s motivation, and there are hints that he sees himself as more of a hero than a villain, which is an interesting character trait to say the least.

What did you think of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage? Excited for Electro? Ready for Rhino? Want more Gwen? Sound off below!




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