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5 Things We Want Out of Legend of Korra Season 2

Now as long as this is not some weird practical joke or I am asleep and dreaming, The Legend of Korra is actually returning to our television screens in a few short weeks, September 13th in North America to be exact. Yes it has been well over a year since the Season One finale and and soon Book Two, titled Spirits, will be upon us and we shall be graciously reviewing it for you all. The original Avatar is considered one of the pinnacles of modern day animation (if not THE pinnacle of modern day animation), and though Legend of Korra is great, it still has a lot it can improve on. What do we want and what can Season Two do to improve upon it’s already stellar predecessor, well I am glad you asked. I’ve got five things that I think can help improve this coming season and really ratchet thins up to the next level.


5. More Team Avatar


Yes I know this seems like a given, but there was a surprising lack of team time in the first season and it usually fell to Korra taking center stage when we got down to it. I understand it was the first season and the creators are working with condensed seasons of 12 to 14 episodes now, but the Avatar universe is at its best when the team is working together. Looking just at last season’s two-part finale each squad was given an objective and watching them play off each other was where the episodes thrived. I want more episodes like “The Drill” and “Nightmares and Daydreams,” that is where Avatar was able to show its true colors and creativity and I believe Korra will too.


4. Bolin’s Evolution


Remember when Sokka was only the funny joke guy who did not contribute as much as the other characters? That was Bolin in the first season, there for a funny joke and not much else and frankly, this needs to be corrected quickly. Bolin needs to prove he is more than a funny guy much in the same way Sokka developed into a master strategist/inventor. Bolin needs a hobby/quirk that adds to the team. He also needs to prove that he can hold his own in a fight as many of the major earthbending moments were given to Lin in the first season and while that is all well and good, Bolin needs to prove his mettle. This needs to be done out of the gate or Bolin could get annoying really quickly.

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