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REVIEW: Kick-Ass 2



Man, there’s something strangely dewy-eyed yet reassuringly masculine about Morris Chestnut. He gets my vote for Black Panther.

The Motherf***er’s emo goatee is weird and utterly non-threatening; appropriate, though.

There’s also definitely this Oedipal thing going on between him and his Real Housewives Of New Jersey mother.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse is selling the heck out of Chris D’Amico’s disaffection and newfound obsession, though. Good on him.

Okay, that Union J cameo was unforeseen. Was the girl crush on them specifically written into the script?

Jimmy Carrey is great in supporting roles: Kick-Ass 2 and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone makes him two for two this year.

Lizewski feels like a real-life Peter Parker if girls like Mary Jane and Gwen Stacey didn’t just fall into his lap. Oh, wait, they kind of do.

Jon Leguizamo does good henchmen. It’s nice to see him getting work.

The number of quality actors in tiny roles in this film is absurd: Andy Nyman as The Tumor, Daniel Kaluuya as Black Death, Steve Mackintosh as one half of Remembering Tommy.

Aaron Johnson as the whitest pimp ever. That is all.

Hit-Girl threatening to cut off a guy’s hand is humorously inappropriate if a bit one-note.

This race against Morris is basically the end scene of Ferris Bueller on a purple motorbike.

This fight alongside Doctor Gravity outside a 7/11 is pretty much a rehash of the first film.

It might be that the last thing I saw Donald Faison in was Scrubs, but isn’t Doctor Gravity basically Turk with a baseball bat?

Is sorta see why Jim Carrey might object to some of the violence here: it is pretty gratuitous. Hopefully it won’t hurt the film’s box office any.

So Katie Deauxma’s not in this anymore. That was abrupt. Could they be curtailing the rape storyline from the comic?

Viral robberies? This film is almost too savvy for its own good.

The swear jar’s a nice touch, though.

These bitchy teens are a touch too self-aware. They’re one step away from finger clicking and a neck weave.

Just to reiterate, Jim Carrey is basically this film’s Big Daddy.

Surely nothing can happen to Dave’s awkward, well-intentioned dad?

Those comic book translation bubbles are sort of a nice touch. Hope it doesn’t become a feature.

Chloe Grace Moretz gets date ditched (whatever that is)? Oh, well, it’ll give her some practice for her role in the Carrie remake due out later in the year.

Vomiting and diarrhea jokes – what is this, a Jason Friedberg/Aaron Seltzer movie?

10 points for most innovative use as a lawnmower as a murder weapon. 

Augustus Prew steps in as disposable friend Todd Hayes. Strange fact: the original Todd, Evan Peters, presumably had to turn down Kick-Ass 2 because of his role as Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past. It also just so happens that Aaron Johnson is first choice for the same role in The Avengers: Age of Ultron‘s rival continuity. 

As if they weren’t already unlikeable enough, The Motherf***er just had to compare his league of assholes to Occupy Wall Street’s famous 1%.Summon the super dweebs!

Hit-Girl vs. Mother Russia: the difference of scale in this fight is pretty awesome. The whole syringe thing is a bit naff.

So the film’s totally not gonna address that Todd is responsible for the death of Kick-Ass’ dad?

And Hit-Girl bows out, presumably to reappear in the sequel? Not sure what they’ll do with that now that The Motherf***er is shark bait (though apparently still alive). They’ve conveniently set up Ian Glen‘s imprisoned gangster as a potential antagonist, but the feels a bit close to the first film.

Like all good Part 2s – GodfatherStar WarsKick-Ass 2 is definitely all about the consequences.

And the former Red Mist now has no legs. Rehabilitation and uneasy alliance in Kick-Ass 3?


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