Why Is Wonder Woman Being Left Off the Big Screen?

What happened to “The DC Holy Trinity” of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman? I mean, there has always been a desire to see them united on screen a la the classic Justice League cartoon, but, as of late, it seems as if Warner Bros, and by extension DC, are shying away from their their most famous heroine in favor of something more flashy (I do not apologize for the pun).

Yes, this puts me in the awkward position of arguing against The Flash, one of my favorite characters in all media who manages to embody everything I love about comics, but Wonder Woman really does deserve her time in the spotlight before Barry, Jay, Wally, or Bart. Lets look at the facts: Diana has in the last few years been given chances to grace both the big and small screen, but either the projects were tragic misfires allegedly unfaithful to the character (David E Kelley’s show), or the studio, for whatever reason, did not have faith in the guy who pitched them the movie (Joss Whedon). Diana deserves this shot before Barry as she has so much to offer audiences and her content owners.

When people think of female superheroes the first name that comes to mind is Wonder Woman. She is powerful, smart, amazingly well fleshed out, and, in most cases, an all-together better character than some of her male counterparts – for one thing, she’s a freaking Amazon! She has villains that combine the best of Greek and comic book mythology: Ares, Circe, Felix Faust, and Max Lord. Oh, and did I mention that she can give shit to Batman and Superman; that is kind of important in what is going to be the backbone of your franchise. DC puts Superman and Batman on a pedestal and Wonder Woman is the only one who can deflate their testosterone-pumping egos a little. All of these characteristics create a strong basis for a top tier hero, and yet for the life of me I don’t know why Wonder Woman has not been given the shot she deserves.

As I have said in previous articles, Wonder Woman deserves a chance at becoming a success on the big screen and there are plenty of talented people not named Joss Whedon (he is kind of really busy right now) who would kill for the chance to put Diana there, let alone a slew of high-profile actresses that could go gangbusters with the part. Most importantly, female audiences deserve a hero with the quality of character like Diana. Women deserve the opportunity to look up on the screen and see more than supporting characters – Black Widow, Jean Grey, and Storm – as their idols.

It is really the desire to have these characters built upon and given the opportunity to flourish that creates this hope for a big screen Wonder Woman. Batman vs. Superman: pah. I’ll take The Circle any day.

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