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REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1×04 “Eye Spy”

Things are definitely looking up. The team is coming together, the episodes are becoming more enjoyable, I dare say S.H.I.E.L.D is becoming consistent show with great watchability. Of course there are some issues with any show but on any given day when I nothing to do I would enjoy marathoning S.H.I.E.L.D. “Eye Spy” did nothing to break the mold or change the game but it has managed to provide enough of a enjoyable hour of television. The overall plot was a really nice thriller of the week and the pacing at which the team is being built up and tested is acceptable. There are some issues with the way the team is being formatted and sectioned off at this point in time, but it is about making week to week gains, and S.H.I.E.L.D has continued to improve with each episode in some facet. So lets dive in.

As for the overall plot of the episode, I liked it. It was not daring or life altering in what it offered us, but the idea of “everything is not what it seems” is being done really well on the show. The character of Akela offered a really cool power set for not only being a well trained spy but also having x-ray vision. Most of the time when you see x-ray or invisibility be introduced it is used for hokey purposes as in Smallville, but I have to say since the powers are being used by a girl and not a guy the uses were altered to actually be beneficial to the situation. The idea of Akela’s handler being just another cog in the wheel is a fun idea and a nice turn, but without us knowing who the big bad is we are kind of left wondering what the end game is of this secret society. Even more frustrating is the fact that we have multiple bad guys whom we will be dealing with this season and we have no greater idea of which one we are supposed to be interested in. I know this will all be sorted out by the end of the season but now we should at least have an idea of which threat we are supposed to care about.

Another highlight of this episode was that the team dynamic managed to flow much more naturally as opposed to earlier episodes. The paring of Skye and Ward, as well as Fitz and Simmons have been consistent enough to be enjoyable. The are no longer seemingly bogged down by overacting their specific roles and each paring manages to have a nice flow with their dialog. The dueling heist/ surgery scene managed to show off each pairs strong points while at the same time not detracting from the overall narrative of the episode. If anything now that these pairs are working so effectively I want to see them branch out and try playing with other members. One of the ways that team and heist shows manage to stay fresh is that they are willing to mix and match characters who would seem otherwise out of place, such as on Leverage. The tag of Ward and Fitz was a nice tease at what they could possibly look like as the show goes forward, but I want to see the show take risks in it’s pairings and not just rely on what works.

The action of this episode was once again very unique and innovative and much like last week, it took full advantage of the featured power set. The x-ray shoot out being a true stand out in terms of how action can and should be portrayed on television. The run and gun of Ward through the hallway really made for some great fluid action as well as making a constrained environment feel open.


Overall another solid episode.


Final Grade B-

+Fun interesting plot

+Solid action

+Good use of a fun power

-I have no idea who I am supposed to be afraid of

-No daring parings

-Seriously how are Fitz and Simmons not competent


Extra thoughts

-I really like the Fitz stuff today. He is turning into a fun Xander-esque character.

-Seriously Fitz and Simmons are like Chuck from season 1 of Chuck. They should not be so willfully incompetent.

-I like Skye seclusion in the car. It is nice that her me time is just getting away from the world.

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