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REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1×05 “The Girl in The Flower Dress”

That was fun, I mean now we really have a thorough plotline, an honest to goodness recurring villain, and an overall narrative that seems to be TV-esque with a twist of Whedon. Yes S.H.I.E.L.D has found it’s footing and seemingly dug in for the long haul on this Centipede, personal super solider army and although I am not surprised by this big bad revelation, it is nice to see that the villain we will be dealing with is not the usual male domination type villain. Yes “The Girl in The Flower Dress” managed to up the stakes and give us a lieutenant to the Big Bad that we can go toe to toe with on a recurring basis. Also with Centipede being worldwide it seems that they will require a certain amount of puzzle pieces before their serum is complete. On top of all that we actually managed to get some real team development and find out some details about our mysterious heroine. So lets dive in.

So let’s start with Skye, our renegade hacker is truly now a bird in a cage with her fancy new bracelet. Also we found out like any orphan she has been digging to find out all she can about her parents, and that there is a redacted shield document with her name on it. Yes this is all by the books in terms of the lost little orphan who finds her real family subplot, but being that this is a Whedon production I believe that there will be some nice twists and turns on how this plot progresses. This will hopefully not be a simple follow the dotted line to X as Skye and the team are too interesting of characters to be stuck in a box. The plot with Miles felt a little to on the nose but it provided a solid action sequence in terms of the car chase as well as a new way to present hacking. Thank god because if you have ever seen someone or actually type code yourself you know programming looks nothing like that, also props for a fun and creative use for Siri.

As for the main plot with Centipede, whom I really hope are some sort of AIM subsidiary, and Scorch it was good overall. Scorch in my opinion was just a little to easily manipulated by the folks at Centipede as they played him like a fiddle. I felt like for someone who was relatively cautious with his powers, he gave in far to easily to Rayna and the idea of being known to the world. I am pretty confident you should never trust the people who kidnap you, under any circumstances. At least with Skye she was given the belief that S.H.I.E.L.D was not to be trusted, Scorch kind of just went with the flow. Of course the removal of his blood and the scorched skin made for a really gruesome visual, but it seems kind of odd that his blood would not keep producing the non-flammable platelets. At that point it is a little nitpicky but at least we got the visual of the doctor being burned to nothing, which happened really fast. Just how hot were Scorch’s flames, we will probably never know since he bit the bullet really easily, a recurring villain he is not.

Surprisingly the part that really stood out to me was how well the team’s sadness was portrayed when it was revealed Skye was a traitor. Fitz and Simmon’s confusion and Ward’s disappointment were really well handled considering just how bland they were a couple of episodes ago. The one that really stood out was Coulson’s anger at not only Skye but also himself, as he knows full well something is different since Loki stabbed him. Coulson understands that he should have been suspicious he just wants to know why he has not been acting like he used to. Is it simply a matter of being stabbed or is there something greater behind his seemingly drastic change. We seemingly know the answer but it is his characters journey that will make everything worthwhile in the end. Watching this all play out will be very fascinating and enjoyable to watch.

Overall I thought this episode was enjoyable enough and really has given us that overarching plot line we were looking for. I was disappointed that another quality villain was just exploded to kingdom come, but hopefully we will get more recurring/ threatening villains in the weeks to come.


Final Grade B

+We have an overall plot finally.

+Really nice conflict between the team

+Scorch had some cool visuals


-Scorch burned out to quickly

-Miles was kind of useless

-Skye revelation was predictable at best


Extra Thoughts

-Apparently “giving them a name” means “this is gonna be a bitch of a problem.”

-Fitz fear of bodily probes continues to be enjoyable, I smell a running gag.

-So if miles can’t use electronics for a while does that mean only no computers or will using a microwave give him a shock. Also, how are they gonna shower. These are the serious questions people and I need answers.

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