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REVIEW: Arrow 2×03 “Broken Dolls”

Well that was just showing off in my opinion. I mean Arrow just added like a total of five or six different winks and nods to the DC universe in a span of forty-one minutes but the biggest ones came in the last few minutes. Yes “Broken Dolls” had platy to offer us in terms of story progression, and really fun possibly season long plots being introduced, but it does raise the question if the show is possibly putting to much on their plate. “Broken Dolls” would have been an adequate episode all by itself due to the real development in terms of Lance and The Arrow’s relationship. However now we have a big bad, definitely the biggest bad we have ever even heard of on the show suddenly popping up and somehow he has a connection to Black Canary. Safe to safe this is really going to be an exciting story so lets dive in and enjoy.

First on the list of our DC knowns is The Dollmaker, yes a side villain best know for cutting of The Joker’s freaking face made a one off appearance as the villain dejour. Oddly he managed to set up a very fun plot in which Lance, soon to be Ollie’s Jim Gordon at this rate, is forced to team up with The Arrow to catch this sick psycho path. Overall this was the best aspect of the episode as The Dollmaker was a suitably creepy who managed to be somewhat of a psychological match for Ollie. Add in the fact that he was hiding in the Metamorpho Chemical Plant and you have a solid mystery for Ollie to deal with. It was really nice for the parallels to be drawn between Laurel and her father, yes she had no control offer saving Tommy other than listening to him when she was told to get out of The Glades. Hopefully this will lead Laurel back to being more understanding that just blindly following what her boss says to do.

As for the side plot of Roy hunting down Sin and Canary, i felt it worked well overall as Roy was responsible for doing some actual legwork rather than his usual falling into trouble. It was weird that Thea texted Roy when Laurel got kidnapped, what did she really expect him to do, hunt down The Dollmaker with no idea of where to begin.It was haphazard at best but it did lead to the reveal that not only has Canary been working for or trained by the League of Assassins but that Ra’s Al Ghul (which they pronounced wrong) is looking for her personally. Kind of a really bad move to piss off Ra’s, just ask any Batman fan. I do like the idea that Canary has not only been well trained, but she has been trained by one of the deadliest people in the entire DC universe. Arrow is definitely co-opting a lot of Batman’s villains it seems, it’s just sad the the bat and the bird are nowhere to be found yet. Also they were really creative with the Canary Cry, well played Arrow, well played.

Of course I would be remiss to not mention what happened on the Island as Slade and Ollie are officially at odds and now imprisoned on a boat name AMAZO, yeah that AMAZO.  I felt that this weeks island plot was the strongest we have seen this season and the ramifications will hopefully be felt throughout the remainder of the season. I liked Slade’s performance a lot better this week, as he is often at his best when he is single minded in his purpose. Make no mistake Slade is soldier through and through, all of his dialogue this week was about riding a way to get off the Island and that personal attachment will put you at risk. However he knows in his heart of hearts that Ollie is his brother in arms, for better and for worse, so when he decides to rescue Ollie at what appears to be the cost of his face you can assume he knew this was not going to end well. Seriously if I were Slade I would be majorly pissed when I wake up.

Overall another solid week with some major changes incoming.


Final Grade B+

+The Lance/ Ollie plot was a welcome surprise

+Ra’s is coming and god help us all

+The island plot is picking up

+Roy doing some leg work

+Canary Cry!!!!!


-Dollmaker killed off

-Moria death penalty

-So many Batman references and yet no acknowledgment of him.


Extra Thoughts

-Sorry for the really late post I was at the World Series last night. We will be posting at the regular time next week.

-So the League of Assassins dresses like the Dark Archer, I feel a flashback coming

-So Amazo, Metamorpho, Ra’s, and Dollmaker are all usually Batman adversaries, If this ties into the movies I will be so happy.

-How awesome was that Canary Cry. Seriously badass.

-Seriously every time someone miss pronounces Ra’s Al Ghul part of me dies inside

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  • I hope they don’t expect us to believe Slade is dead since there was no body which means he’s fine.