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REVIEW: Legend Of Korra 2×05 “Peacekeepers”

That was good, not quite fantastic but definitely a solid episode in terms of plot progression and finally showing us a spirit. “Peacekeepers” by itself did not change the mold of the season, but it did manage to put some really fun pieces in play for the season moving forward. I do feel a lot of Season Two’s up and down can be contributed to the lack of traveling that we saw in Season One, as the creators are still trying to get a feel for what the world looks like after Aang’s death. I do think the change of scenery and color palette really helped to give the season some new life as this is our first experience seeing the new Republic City. Seeing how all of our team members interact in this new, familiar setting really helped to set a tempo. “Peacekeepers” also managed to luckily move some of our mains into new and interesting positions. Well let’s dive in.

What was really great about watching “Peacekeepers,” was that we actually got to see what Republic City looked like after Amon’s death. We did get a brief look at it during the premiere, but this is our first real experience in seeing how the city has changed in the six months between season one and two. Seeing characters like Lin and Iroh as well as locations like the pro-bending arena really helped to bring back that sense of nostalgia feeling of home that we had for the first twelve episodes. Of course Republic City now the president, Raiko, seems to be a non-bender whom has not fully embraced the idea of a teenager being the Avatar. He is more concerned with keeping his sense of power over Republic City then serving the needs of all its citizens. Also for some weird reason Raiko doesn’t seem concerned that Unalaq may extend the Water Tribe’s reach after he is done dealing with the South. If anything, from an intellectual standpoint he seems very shortsighted and only concerned with what directly effects his city.

What really brought down this episode in my eyes was the way in which Korra went about trying to get aid for the Southern Water Tribe. Yes, she is by nature a bullheaded character, but there’s only so much that she will be able to do if she keeps constantly pissing the people she needs help from off and calling them idiots. What Korra should had done is gather up her most influential friends, Lin and Iroh, before going to visit Raiko so that she would have the adequate backing to gain support. I realize this wouldn’t have worked to make a stronger plot but it would’ve made developed Korra into someone who uses the connections she has to put herself in a position to succeed. This all led up to Korra’s very confusing plan to drive a tiny speedboat all the way to the capital of the Fire Nation, which is a few days drive I assume based on geographical location alone. Korra’s actions were suspect at best and it brought down the episode slightly.

Luckily the majority of the side plots really worked well this week, with the exclusion of Korra and Mako’s awkward break-up and Asami deciding to give the south Mecha-Tanks. Seriously Mako was the only one really properly thinking this entire episode with the gathering of evidence, tracking down the suspect by looking for him in a log book of known criminals, and basically being an all around good cop. Sure, he probably should not have ratted out Korra to Raiko, but he believed Korra was not thinking straight and that she need to be benched to clear her head and think like an Avatar. The Varrick and Bolin “fun times” side show was just the right amount of comedy with Bolin’s riling up the home crowd and Varrick’s gravity boots thinking explosion being the stand outs. Moral of the story just behave like a band playing a big concert and you will get by just fine. Bolin is also becoming some type Tarzan-esque movie star which can only end well in terms of hilarity. My favorite side plot however was Tenzin teaching Meelo how to be a good teacher, at first I thought that Tenzin was going to learn that Meelo’s way of teaching got better results than his. Luckily this led to possibly the greatest comedic swerve of the season with Meelo having trained an entire army of lemurs. Tenzin’s “my god, I’ve created a monster,” moment was enough to make me laugh for a good minute, well done writers.

Unfortunately, the episode was a little light in terms of action, with the only major fight scene coming in the last couple of minutes. It was fun to see Eska and Desna take out Korra’s speed boat, and the subsequent Waterbending battle that occurred, but the major highlight was finally getting to see another spirit due battle with Korra. It was clearly there to be Unalaq’s insurance policy, but the sheer size and imposing nature of the creature really helped to display just how powerful an enemy Korra will be going against this season. Hopefully, we get here the spirits talk soon and hear why they are so intent on being evil, because as of right now they like Unalaq are really one not villains.

Over another solid calm before the storm episode hopefully.


Final Grade B


+Mako being a really crack detective

+Lin and Iroh’s return

+Most of the subplots were good


-Korra not really thinking her strategy through at all

-Asami deciding to become an arms dealer

-Unnecessary break up.


Extra Thoughts

-“Being famous is like getting in in the face with a rock all the time.” My god why was Varrick not here sooner to be Bolin’s sidekick.

-Seriously though, you would think after everything her father did Asami would not want the Mecha-Tanks to be used in acts of war.

-I give it 72 hours until Meelo’s lemur army is remixed to “Flight of the Valkyries,”

-“You got off easy. You should have seen Air Temple Island after Tenzin broke up with me.” I have learned one thing in this season, do not break up with a bender girl; she will destroy everything because of you.

-Iroh told her to go see the Fire Lord. ZUKO’S COMING BACK!!!

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  • This episode was very interesting. Contrary to what allot of people are saying about Korra’s brash behavior, I found myself on her side through this entire episode. Consider this it is her duty as the avatar to protect the people of the world yet she cannot because of other people’s decisions yet everyone expects her to just deal with it. Secondly the idea to go around the president and get General Iroh’s troops to the south was not Korra’s idea she just agreed with it. Not only that but most of the main characters including General Iroh agreed with her. Thirdly it is very understandable why she is so determined to get help for the south, because they are her people. He family, her friends, and her culture are being threatened and yet people are still hardly doing anything about it.

    On the note of Mako in this episode I lost almost all respect I had for Mako by the end of this episode. First off it is becoming clear that Mako values his career more than the girl he is supposedly in love with. Not only that but it seems to be more important than his brother and the fate of the southern water tribe. He chose his career over Korra, Bolin, Asami, and the entire south. Thus Mako has betrayed all of them and everything he stood for.

    When Korra and Mako broke up it was Mako who dumped Korra and the way she acted implied she didn’t want to end their relationship. Also when she left she did not leave in an rage but in a depressed stage which one would not expect from Korra in that situation. This shows that Mako’s betrayal and him dumping Korra truly broke her heart.

    Lastly it is because Mako betrayed Korra that she tried to go to the fire nation and thus was attacked by her cousins and the spirit. Now Korra is possibly hurt or worse and it is directly Makos fault. So by the end of this episode Mako has showed he is more concerned with his career than his girlfriend, his brother, his ex girlfriend now friend, and the entire southpole. He has also betrayed his girlfriend, his brother, his ex girlfriend now friend, and the entire southpole. He has broke Korra’s heart and now because of him Korra is possibly hurt or worse.

    So yeah I’m definitely on Korra’s side in this manner and unless Mako realizes that he screwed up bigtime I’m not sure I even want him and Korra getting back together.