Why Loki Will Steal the Show Again in Thor: The Dark World.

Loki, a character whose prowess isn’t covered in cliché. Neither inherently evil nor aligned good, Loki manifests his own morale of sorts. Sure thrown into a contemporary society some of Loki’s actions during the events of Thor and more prominently The Avengers are to be deemed evil, but to call Loki an agent of chaos in my mind is somewhat overzealous.

During a conflict between races Asgard and the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, Odin, King of Asgard, discovers an infant Frost Giant Loki and decides to adopt him as a means of setting an example of peace in the future. Since these disputes between Asgard and the Frost Giants have long ended and compromise is found between them, Odin raises Loki as his son. Upon the discovery of his upbringing, Loki is confused by his purpose. He challenges Odin claiming his existence lacks substance, and he is but a mere tool for peace. This serves as a catalyst for Loki’s future actions.

Although Loki is plagued by the mischief that runs through his veins, what I find to be most interesting about Loki’s transition to a supposed villain is that it is relatable. Loki’s descent from alienation and self loathing, into striving for validation is understandable. And in my mind that is what makes for a truly intriguing antagonist, for his ideals and ambitions to not necessarily be evil, but just a dispute of ethics.

What character do we have on our hands for Thor: The Dark World when it comes to Loki? For me, it is that very question which will make him that most interesting competent of the film. There is no doubt what Thor’s role will be; it is within his nature as a character to oppose whatever threat comes across his thunderous path. Entertaining and necessary indeed, but it does not put me at wonder like the god of mischief. Loki is a character shrouded with uncertainty. His very demeanour and credibility is convoluted by now. He has been torn through darkness and yet, he still holds tightly to a small Asgardian thread, tip toeing between the lines of redemption and anarchy. Watching the trailers I am reminded of the ever-present identity crisis that is Loki, and to see he is being sided with Thor even after telling him he would be a fool to trust him makes me wonder how his role as a forced protagonist will play out. Is this an opportunity for Loki to exact motive? Maybe, but just as I am uncertain of Loki’s character, I believe Loki himself equally as dubious about it. Impulse will be a significant factor as it always has been in Loki’s portrayal, and with that unpredictability, it will steal the show.

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  • I never really looked at Loki in that way before, but like this, I can kind of “sympathise” with him to an extent.

    Good article, look forward to reading more.